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Imma, Hazard to the people, oh and i'm
Finna come and break free from the chains
And then place restraints ain't braced for escape
Imma massacre
Every lesson I learnt
Braced myself for the worst
Every lesson I learnt I
Braced myself for the worst

Every lesson I learnt
Braced myself for
I belong
I've been hunted and chased
Now I'm shackled and braced

I'm coming back home
Back to where I belong
I've been hunted and chased
Now I'm
and shootin
We robbin and boostin, Unh Unh
Better get out the way or get your ass braced, Now
Flashin all that cake we'll get your ass today, Now
We lootin
we go
Like nobody knows, I don't need
Arms to keep me braced in, I got
Dreams to keep me chasing
Where could we go
Like nobody knows, I don't need
when we all pretend
We're here for love
But we come for the end
You can hear the gun, the bite, the click
The lead's in your mouth before you've braced
that hungry wolf," Deer said with a grunt
"You'd better come help us....or you'll have nothing to hunt"

So the Wolf he braced the deer with care
of the day 
Consumes the motion Of life 
You can't open yourself 
Too braced to your bones 
The world's become a killer 
And it wants you alone  

and bone

Hold me in your loving arms
So I’m braced for the winter (Winter)
Teach me what I need to know
So I can spot the summer on the horizon

We are
and agnostics will cook
Demons braced as hades shook
The angel knew which page in the book
To match my name

A demon waits to deceive
To deny the lost to receive
far from Requiem to be lost within a dream

Still breathing how much longer
Still fighting growing stronger
Braced to brave the storm

Seen through
Ready and braced
Look on my face
Disguised by the armour
Steady I wait
Now it's too late
Bitten by your karma
(Every time)

Watch the face now I'm
as you push
Braced for the hit
Bow down to the thrasher

Blood on the stage, a thousand rage
A thrasher's soul on fire
Chaos spreads across the floor
fighting with broken bones

I've spent my fair share
In the deepest depths of despair
'Cause I was too lost down there to care
I wasn't braced for
think that these fuck niggas want some problemss
And you gota find yourself before you make real life decisions
Gota be braced for collisions
Gota pocket
That we would have to take a turn
So we held our hands and braced ourselves
Got rid of all the street signs and happily lost directions

You quickly
dreaming, believing 
I'm in this nightmare getting chased
Getting braced for something bad
Something had now better get me just to wake me up 
Oh I'm dreaming
My mind’s straight, head braced then I'm caught off guard
You're dressed up pretty face girl you make it hard
You trendsetter, wrote a dirty little
wished I'd never braced myself
You're all I want and nothing else
But I have to go
Maybe One Day
We’ll find a way to make it last
For now there is no
Neither trees lose their leaves 'til Winter's coat hangs

We braved the early morning, braced the cold ride						
Took hold with hesitation,
of us

We are fists raised and loud voices
Street-marching feet
We are arms locked, bodies braced
For the war machines

And we are open hands toward angry
down with the team
Gold Candle
If you're down with the team you had better braced up for the steam
Brace up
Two times for offences
I love you
But she braced herself wonderin' what was in store
She read it again it said, I love you
But yellow roses say so much more
Yellow roses say
All hands braced on the nine

A soul's just a toy to be played with
Bits of ferment on the move
They can't believe what he's sayin'
Sold his poor heart

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