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to re-introduce myself
My name is Cole
My nigga
Born sinner, the opposite of a winner
Sometimes I brag like Hov
Allow me to re-introduce myself
My name is Cole

[Keyshia Cole]
See, Mary J. I want you to understand you paved the way (for me)
I'm givin' homage (to you)
Drake, J Coles, and Big Seans
Time for the world to pay homage
Bow to the rap Gods or them K's vomit
Fuck you know about Dipset you little dipshit
If you
flop, then I'm goin pop, like Nelly
With tops dropped on convertible Porsches
Born Sinner, not burning no crosses
Might burn a couple bridges, I'm losing
intended to J. Cole
But wage war to win that can make a nigga complacent
Keep the movement goin' or continue wishin' like changed thoughts
Start up
you'd do me too
I’ll be me, my nigga, you be you
I guess that men can be groupies too
Recognize a winner, live like a born sinner
Catered dinners,