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my style?
(Ladies and gentlemen) Eh?
(Will the real Craig David please stand up)
You never had a problem at all
When I was having woman trouble
I had a dream about my man last night
And my man came by the studio
And his name is
Busta Rhymes in effect, Shaheed is in effect
Phife Did-awg is
On my (Craig David) shit the (Artful Dodger)
Shola Ama
I told her I'mma
'Bout to get my run on so hold the commas
Times've changed now I'm
got to do it, gul' put yo' booty and yo' back into it
Put a David Banner crack into it, and I bet your system gon' beat
And this is how the Twista
I'm seeing, I'm speechless 
All I see is your booty and cleavage 
You just tryin' to find my weakness 
I'm determined to pass your test 

and toolies
Mike Jackson, kick me, kike me, Jew me
Now all the white chicks in the world got booties
He rap by popular demand
And a nigga nosey on some Toucan
just ask Jarvis

Studio to studio, I drink juice,
Produce tons of new shit, like a booty hole
Show to show, full throttle, backstage,
No models, no
These fuckin' snakes man
Fuckin' up our lives
I'll take a piss in your oil fields
I want some motherfuckin' payback so, yo

I wanna run for
contributed to his inert ways
I seen him pull in 24 hour workdays
With deferred pay, undeterred by the word "shame"
Public humiliation was the worst pain