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If I break the law and get caught
I could get smashed in the face by the big boys
'Cause they're frightened by the real world
Frightened by the real
that slow us down
If it's too quiet, we make our own noise
Now you can bet your boots by the end of the week
My pretty little girl is ready for me
I'm feeling good about tonight, I'm country boy fresh
I'm what them country girls like cause I'm country boy fresh
Dirty boots, dirty truck, where I

Let me show you how a country boy treats a lady
Go ahead kick 'em off 'cause the boot fits baby

Diamonds in the sky
boots on
Workin' like hell 'til the dinner bell brings him back home
Blue collar in his blood, backwoods in his bones
No doubt about it that boy's country
by a pair of boots
I want to get teased by Westcoast boots
Give me a cow, give me a boy, give me a cowboy

I'm looking, I'm searching for someone
Summer death, slow step
Walk behind the mother of the thirteen year old brown-eyed boy
Attitudes, attitudes
Sloganized by middle boots
The men
I have boys in every country code
Just a rollin' stoner on a roll
I'd bring the cowgirl out and cock them guns
Always leave before the cowboy
to be blown apart
To defend this mud hole

Now our country  boys
Though it's quite far away
Found itself jeopardized
Endangered, boys
By these very
So the ambulances came
They took your pulse and packed up your things
And the papers read
Some boys forget what the heartache brings
way of life

Boot boys Mohican's with studs & spiky hair
While others have the same fucking patches and roll in the dirt


Life ain't
Gets her diesel wound up and she'll be long gone
Got her old boots on, new straw hat
Any red-blooded country boy's gotta love that
Some guys
Ooh, snakeskin cowboys
Who the hell you think you are
You?re dancin? around with your high-heeled boots
Don?t think that should get you far
caught in the desert, son,
Without your snake boots on.

Well, she was quicker that a boys good judgment
So, we were headed for the parkin' lot
I got my first guitar when I was just a boy
I was playing the blues instead of playing with toys
Listening to the Opry and dreaming of the neon
down-home good ol boy

A woman loved him through it all
Through his rowdy days and his hardest fall when he almost died
She stayed by his side

Well, there ain''t no strangers when you're
Swingin' a hammer side-by-side, oh
Yeah, we had a little setback
But ain't nothin' gonna stop this

See that boy standing there by the dance floor
He's lookin' like the Marlboro Man
Starched shirt, starched jeans, big trophy buckle
And an empty
I'm Feeling good about tonight, I'm country boy fresh
I'm what them country girls like cause I'm country boy fresh
Dirty boots, dirty truck, where
in the swamps
One of 'em a great big old boy
One of 'em kinda short, not too big
Lived back in the swamps down by the river
This particular
been kissed
Never been kissed by a lady called Amy

You're far out, you're fab and insane
A woman of the world, it's quite plain
My dad told me Amy's
Was the captain of the team his senior year
In his eyes, on his helmet, he had no fear
Down by a six-ball on the ten
Said huddle up boys we’ve got
I got lucky boots
And they take me places
I'm on the scene route
Honey, how about you?

Gonna drive on in
Gonna drive on through
Gonna drive
Holy harcore jesus christ
Knocking our religious life
Live by Crass, die by the sword
We're punk rock servants of the lord
You say that all you