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my cologne
Now, that's some good weed

Cavi Cone, had me blown
Everyday Boombastic, Shaggy song
Make you wanna go and put some turkey patties

Hook (x2) 

Verse 3: 

Uh, It's all good I suppose, I'm still feakin' hoes 

I'm still freakin' flows, I'm Boombastic, Shaggy
boombastic like that muthafucka Shaggy
The Cartel keeps the groove nasty
You tried to fade, but got eliminated, tried the differential
But couldn't fade
and Chucks stun ya
I zap you like a genie
You try to escape like Whodini
You plastic
I'm boombastic like that mutha... Shaggy
The Cartel keeps the groove nasty