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Hold Up
Say me, hold up
Say she wanna roll up
Don't get me fooled love
And I'm booed up
Shey ya booed up?
Got another n***a
Sit down, what you want
Smoking on this blunt, big gas
Smoke wherever i want
Shorty geeked off molly
I'm booed off xannies
Shorty said she called me
I want you all the time
Let’s get cozy pull up
I wanna love love love
I wanna get booed up
I want you all the time
Let’s get cozy pull up
I wanna
Sticking up for Dad again
Saying he's a champion
Such a perfect mannequin
Poor Ivanka booed in Berlin
Poor Ivanka booed in Berlin

She's in it for
Ballin on a bitch
Fuck the check up she about it fuck don't kiss
Course she slurping lil baby got a lisp
Booed up I won't tell him never snitch
shake their ass
I feel like I might be a little bit brash
I don't care
I don't care
I don't care
I don't care
Beat it up booed it up
I don't care I ain't
Okay Goddamn!
No makeup
She be looking like
Shego" with no hair
All boo'ed up
With a bad girl
She a hoe
He don't even know
pants get damp
Sucker lose, get booed
Come and use the tools
Heavy news
You knew the king of this
Swing of this
Automatically, I gotta be tougher
Told that lil bih pull up, pull up
So much drip I feel the pull up, pull up
Don't trip aint tryna be booed up, booed up
If you rollin baby pull up,
But you Miss...

Baby, I just wanna, I just wanna
Be all booed up with you
Wherever we are, all I know is
I just wanna, I just wanna
Be all booed
boo’ed up
If you did
Then that’s where you screwed up
Don’t ignore it when you see it
Don’t ignore it when you see it
Coz red flags
They ain’t nun like six
been on it's
Light speed
I got the blacked out trim
With the nikes on
I got the track suit out
Suit up and I'm poppin off
I'm lookin
Booed up, shut up
losing, the noose round my neck
Getting booed from the voice in my head
And they said
What the fuck is going on with him?
Thinks he’s innocent
more money, more numbers
I'm finna need more thumbs
Yeah, yeah
Gettin' booed out, you ain't wit it
Nigga leave it to a thug! Ahah

Everyday I
made it strong
So I’m Unshakable
All the ridiculed and the people who get booed
Thinking this is just a phase, they’ll come back and show me praise
I bought two
One for me and one for you yeah
One for me and for you

How did you feel when we was booed up when we was chill
I'd Uber through
a ziplock 
Gon clear it 
Booed up hoes
All in they feelings
All that feedback
Don't wan hear it
I I 
Don't wana hear it
Loud in a ziplock 
Gon clear it 
I even called your moms up
You was my boo thing
We was so booed up
How you go throw it a way
You should try out
You a Quarterback
You use to bring
Make it pop baby 
Drop a stack nigga 
Count it up 
Yes I'm back nigga 
Re up 
Spooked you bitch
Booed up 
Yes you trash nigga 
Booed off 
Moving too
fire it up, you know she love da buddha
Heal wrestler, you know we getting boo-ed up
I know he did you dirt
Girl you Special To Me
He didn't know your
better fall back with that rude talk
Twitter rapper with a few songs that'll make a rapper get booed off
Polo shirt with no stains on, in my room I play
lady ain't no need to debate it aye
I know a lot people mad cause we booed up we booed up
And they got they face screwed, its screwed up
Thinking how
Call me Michael Jordan cause I’m scoring like its Game 3
Ya bitch look better when she with me
I was on stage and yall booed me off
Now I’m getting
This no be April fool
My love for you na die ah

See you gat me booed up
You gat me fall in love
I love you forever
Till eternity 
And a day more

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