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Uh, that was creepy. 

I would rather slurp rancid tuna salad out of my own ass, 

Or scour my boobies off with a rusty SOS pad, 

Or hump
It's more like a booby trap than a booby prize

Civil disobedience from a soldier with a dirty rifle
You're loosening all the screws that hold
will assist my swollen, tender ouchy boobies?
Gig neck? No!
Gig Tits!!
shift booby trap
I wanna push it too far 
I wanna re-route your map
Fantastic moments of grandeur
Ironic seasons of crust
I'm with the disco police
And I'll trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday
Holdin' Booby's body next to mine
And nothin' ain't worth nothin' but it's free
Oh but feeling good
Violent Huckster
You're out of luck, sir
Wire-tapped and

Wet nurse asks,
"What's your amusement?"
Wet dreams answer
"Deadly powders,
boobies in your shirt

Please let me show you my penis [Repeat: x3]
You might like my penis

Look at our penises [Repeat: x3]
You will like our

Home sweet home, home sweet home, home sweet booby-trap
I took the batteries out my mysticism and put 'em in my thinking cap
She's got
running scared
How much can the people bear
Those who travel by sea or air
Life's a booby trap so you better beware
You better beware
It's a booby trap so
and the mother of pearl
i'd let her alone if i were you

don't look back
it's a trap
it a fact
it's a booby trap booby trap

don't turn around or she'll
Yo you wanna see something cool?
What you got?
Come look inside the rat hole, we got candy
Tits, ass
You like boobies don't you?
Where my mama went and died from a booby trap mine
igual que una forty
Toy' cansa'o me duermo en sus boobies
My fucking empire is coming

Duro como beats de Metro Boomin'
Lleno como la bolsa de money
Stop its a booby trap
Would you rather have a digi or a Scooby Snack
Digi snack yeah, while we living in a booby trap

When it comes to this
found my friend
I been all around the world
Mission Impossible
Chasing the rainbow's end
Wise guys
Booby-prize guys
And sly lover boys
With big bad
hips 'Twirly' and 'Whirly.'

She's my baby, I'm her pap!
I'm her booby, she's my trap!
I am caught and I don't wanna run,
'Cause I'm havin' so much
don't fall for them hoes (uh)
That's a booby trap
Yeah, she got the strap (yeah, she got the strap)

The money and the guns in my hand
Treat this
or thief
Don't ask me I already know
When they baked your cake in little slices,
Kept your eyes on rising prices,
Wound up winning booby prizes;
Though your slippers are ruby
You'll be led to the booby trap,
And there's no prize just a 
Smaller size
So I'm wearing the shoe till it fits
Then I'm
whoa whoa whoa
On the day he marries me
What a nutty family tree!
A bride!
A groom!
A chimpanzee!

Let them say he's the booby prize!
She loves
whoa whoa whoa
On the day he marries me
What a nutty family tree!
A bride!
A groom!
A chimpanzee!

Let them say he's the booby prize!
She loves
Booby Trap
Fumikonde reddozonn imanara yuruseru
Give me, Give me Shake teni oenai
Romannsuhodo hanare rarenakunaru
Sekai ichi shumi no warui amaiwanani
tongue, I got my chin
I got my neck, I got my boobies
I got my heart, I got my soul
I got my back, I got my sex

I got my arms, I got my hands
I got
type respect for holding thirty birds
Never was a gangster, I just wanted in
No longer could I deny that I wanted a Benz
Booby gave me blessings

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