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don't resist
It soon will die
In love's energy bolstered
You're crushing it
Game over
You feel the fear that burns inside
Now don't resist
It soon will
arrested if they didn't
Provide a home environment that was
Safety sufficient

The breakfast table
Bolstered the fable
Abduction from strangers
and bolstered fame, created to entertain
And drain the soul of its focus the oldest payment tendered brain
Indentured cranial anguish that holds control in center
want your ego bolstered, muscles toned, or chair upholstered
Just leave everything to me
Charming social introductions, expert mandolin instructions
A silent night as our anchor drops to ocean floor
Bolstered by the thought of booty galore
We step ashore to find an entrance for
Our invasion
still ain't met my demise
Trophies, uh
Poster boy, bolstered by
Gold stars
Report card, 4.0
MVP, Portland flow
Like Dame from that logo go
Make it rain
hated than show all the damage that's under my skin
Over and over I'm bolstered by visions of death
Slowly my soul keeps on growing much colder the older
The flow would be deleted, I never would’ve made it
A baffling tragedy, So sad to see, That was fantasy
So I was resurrected and given a choice
Bolstered my
They Grip the hilt  tight  squeeze
 Blood chilled  hard to breathe
 bolstered by the bad apples in the league
They coming in,  they coming in

A fragile sense of self
By gorgeous supple Italian shoes
All of the glamour
To divert your gaze from a sensitive heart
Regardless I love the clobber
See we’ve been bolstered in
Naïve ability

So don’t fret it’s not a scene
Just a cocktail of broken dreams
Sadly won’t redeem
Just waits til we’re
Got mixed emotions like mimosas in the morning
I've been sipping from the fountain of youth
My verses bolstered with truth
My poetic schematics that
enfolds you
A membrane invisible
Within, you safely relax
Your true shape reforms again

Bolstered within
Step and breath are synchronized
Clumsiness gone,
fear be determinate of ill-fated consequence
The position has been posted reinforced fully bolstered whole hearted full throater 
No holster lizard king
on the sofa
Ya ego's gettin bolstered
It's basically getting chauffeured
All is fair in love and war, ya boy is a soldier
But I ain't ever been posin'
I feel
Sea salt over left shoulder
My rhabdos in the right holster
Make sure the wagons bolstered
The seats upholstered
Kleobis and Biton second and third
and eyeliner
Bolstered egos and skin marked with highighter
It's the OC- oh gee, the temperament is strange
The levels of ephedrine and estrogen are raised
Bulldozed, crumbling, fault lines showing
Pooled, malleable, passive, unengaged
Hopeful, rising, inflated, bolstered
Dashed, defeated, rethink, new
bolstered feelings untold
I just wanted to let you know that in a song that i wrote

We were together constant yet we were both alone 
Cause we never picked
The yoke is shouldered
A balance bolstered
The weight is not my own

The rescue opens
A claim is chosen to pray
Where I am

Tears have been frozen
revolt, prominent support
Favorable courage, bolstered exploit, elevated impact
Obstinate provocation initiating response

Willful ignorance wallowed in
You were the exception, you were given my trust 
You made your way behind these walls 
That I have bolstered up 
You knew everything 
My deepest
Bolstered Defenses
Thoroughly prepared
Awaiting the Offensive
Blitzkrieg Warfare
Strong Fortifications
Littered with Mines
Bunkers, Trenches, Ditches
down, but the lines are bolstered
One more corpse among the casualties
My resting place has been prearranged for me

Glory! Quick and painless…

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