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Everything means something
And something has occurred
Everything means something
All other meaning can be blurred

You said we all can make mistakes
False aperature and blurred image 
Translates to the foreground
Looking back on fragile greetings and eye spasm
Water down the castle walls meters
Your ancient morale makes me indignant
Your inherited opinions affect the way you act
Your blurred illusion withholds the revolution!
A change in
You have to be joking
They wouldn't do what you said
Oh, my vision is blurred again 

You have to be kiddin' me
They wouldn't do those
The morning news is wet from the rain
Letters are blurred down the page
Morning news filled my head, it said business is fine
War and business
Take me there
I don't care
We'll find love

Space girl lands
Takes my hand
Blurs my view

Engines whir
Memphis blurred
Sunset deep
Cleared the fog that was veiled around me
And blurred my sights
Suddenly, I'm no longer aching
To honor my plights

Rising moon and my skin is
Blurred by a ring
Or maybe on a dollar bill
I'll never see again
Of blurred nights held together by black ink
And cold tones instead of warm voices and lies warmer still.
Each vision blurred
Not ever thinking
That shape unknown
Exhale lungs
the blurred crusade
The blurred crusade
I can't describe the feeling when

I'm in my bed asleep and then
I wake up with a vision blurred
And all my efforts are deterred
To reconstruct
Long before this deserted map
You use to dim to light
The person you show one use to believe
The facet has blurred the link
You boil the greatest
So you still believe you're ruling the World,
Using all your tricks to keep the picture blurred.
Scatter your enemies, confound their politics,
and fluffy 
Horizons are blurred 
By the time you reach your goal 
Tongues will be twisted 
To the point where you'll lose track of your soul 
Sanity's surreal
Boundaries blurred
The turning wheel
Of equal might
Engage in battle
None is right

Count the pictures
On the walls

This place, was it always
So empty
Was everything the way
I remember

Your image is dull and blurred
through to reach the water
Lead me, I feel not right, I feel not right
I pray for this love as

My reflection blurred, live by the blood
My reflection
and it'll be beached

If I could walk, I'd walk away
But I haven't slept since yesterday
The ink is sinking, the page is blurred
And I can't read
A second language
A second language
A second language
A second language
(Bad reception results in blurred perception)

A second language
A second
Moonlight a glance of the moon into my
Blurred eyes the darkness gives way
To the beauty of the evening light and
In a faint moment in this sheer
[Music: Sipilä & CHARON Lyrics: Leppäluoto]

My love in you
Purified in holy flesh
Our shape blurred
By the frame of hate
Fly out from
or it may shine
blurred memories of us
come back from time to time

Can I be Solo
The happiest day I ever knew
In a sea of gold down next to you
So blurred and tired under summer sun
You whispered dreams of a world to come

dickhead said that it's a fact
Oh who cares it's all been blurred

Don't wake the enemy
I'll beg you on my knees, blurred
Don't wake the enemy

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