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know when to STOP, maybe when somebody's
Drug away by the COPS, or when I'm blowing steam
Counting green in the DROP, because whether legal or illegal
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

Now Arnold Jones an' MaryBeth Jensen's in a 'Vette down by the Deep Rock
Had John Denver on the 8-track,
band we played with on the bill that night, the singer Leslie, and the Marian lady who ran the bar donated some panties and dresses and make-up
No Luck, Got Stuck
They comin' to reap on my truck
Big Bills, Shit Kills
No Pills and I'm out of Refills
She dissed, I missed
I'm having
bills, nigga
The way I handle all my beefs, I just kill niggas
If you one hundred, then you love me, I'm a real nigga

Chargin' my phone, leave them
Don't nobody touch him 'cause Imma get ill
The boy's phony as a three-dollar bill
And this time I shoot to kill
Just like a sucker you took the bait
get better by givin' the people
Not a fuck given, check the method, that's how we livin'
Always been driven, out of sight and yet never hidden
bluff run in your spot with a detective suit
Got you cuffed bout to show you what this tech will do

You must of thought that we was friendly when we