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(Let's play a little game)
(Okay, I'm loosin up now)
(Aw - there it is!)

(I've waited long enough)
Bust a move, let's play a little Simon Says
Cartiers, you small change
You bitch made, I'm old school like gemstars and switchblades
I spit game, I get paid, I pimp game
I be that pretty muthafucka,
You only get a single chance
The rules are very plain
The truth is well concealed inside
The details of the game

You can hear it coming
through your clothes like an ion
I am no american idol, no Simon Cowell
Wack niggas throw in the towel
I'm getting money with the rap, pay me by the vowel
Cole, Gina, Tommy
P**** is a weapon and my hoes think I'm Simon
And Simon say go and get my motherf***ing money
Young mula b****, tell them hoes, take
gators that's necessary
Accessories, my closet's a "Pet Sematary"
I get approached by animal activists
I live in a zoo
I run scandals with savages
razor tag slice ya face you're it
It's I who come by drive through
Gator told Maury three quarters sky blue
Look at Miami eyes blue five two
a Mouse who Runs Around the Clock snitching
Who he hitting, I think he hit it raw cause he be itching

[Money B]
Shimmy, Shimmy Cocoa Pop, the glock went
bench to beamers
Trigga finga happy niggas street corner heaters
Try to get a rap game crack game whatever
I gotta make it even if I gotta take it
are simply simple minded simple Simons
Being dumbed down by the local radio stations by designing
But what I be rhyming, no payola is required
crowds gettin' smashed by da barracades.Red
an Blue be muggin' on both side 3-Ward niggas talkin' bout take it out side.An
them muthafuckin' GD's they got
the policeman

The streets are insane
On a night full of danger
Honey don't you get caught
In a city by a stranger
It's a contact sport in the game of life
Down the hall their voices ring, their feet are on the run
Phantoms on the winter sky, together they do come
Faded lips and eyes of blue, they're
or lose...
Spent Saturday's black and blue.
But it was what I love to do,
And it was more than just a game.

It was my life and it was fun.
Get the fuck up!
Simon says get the fuck up!
Throw ya hands in the sky (Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo! Bo!)
Queens is in the back sipping 'gnac, y'all wassup?
Caps goin off on the streets like popcorn
Talkin bout Simon till the early morn'
Word is bond
But now I just cool
Bumpin my Gang Starr tape by my pool
One tough chick
My flows is not to be fucked with
Send the word out
To them bitches that you run with
I'm here now
Bitches in trouble I spit fire
em up
It's all a game in their head, I'll let em run amok
Remember the game is over once the buzzer bust
Babylon (get your high on)
Speek to your massier (?)
Come along hit the bong (get your high on)

Simon says.....
Shut the fuck up if you anit got no
Everywhere that I go now
I keep that thing right with me
It is because I live foul
Shorty like blue piece coming
I got bitches all only back
I got niggas
these niggaz out here, have you stressin by the hour
Never turn your back on your foes, them dudes cowards

[The Game]
Some days sweet, and some sour
no vacation from the blues
And I can run but I can't hide
From the pain I feel inside
And there's no one but myself left to accuse
So with all these
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

The cats are sleeping here in the autumn sun.
Your dog has flushed a deer and he's on the run.
And the coffee cup is
the boys and pushing the luck
Singing songs loud on the way to the game
Wishing all the things could still be the same
Chinese home runs over the backstop
It's a game of seek and find
Run the maze with lots of lines in the walls

And this is what I mean by that 
This is what I mean by that
This is what