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I remember the day he came
The sun had fallen
Never to rise again
Out of the bayss he came
And broke the mountains side
A shadow and a flame
A power
hurts now when I laugh
Live by fire
Forever is a long long time
War is hell

Hanging man twitches in agony
Death rattle shakes itself free
And to live your life in fear by hate
And create our own gods

We all ourselves are created
Our own images
Ourselves we are created
Our own gods

As the dying sun sets behind the mistveiled mountains
And the shadows grow deep amidst the Aeidolon Fangs
The snowclad peaks almost hid by the cold
Mountains arise, the Cities die
(Into the Seas of Blood, Scars of War remain...)
By the Power of the Will and Mind
Drown my Soul within your
Midnight suns bid moors farewell, retreats from charging dusk
Mountains echo, curfews bell, signal ending tasks
They place their faith in oaken
He lives all alone, but the bamboo forest knows him
Now his land is taken by man, he's got nowhere left to go
When he used to roam through all
of the rising sun

You and me, we are blood brothers
You and me, we are blood brothers
Blood brother, lay down your life for me
Lay down your love for me
lie you in the sun
I dreamed you were a prophet in a meadow
I dreamed I was a mountain in the wind
I dreamed you knelt and touched me with
Shut up and listen to what you've been given
Hold on listen, while the blood is waiting

There's a clock on the mantle watches
As time rolls by
the Blood of the Free
Fear lives on a Mountain and Ravages our Dreams
By the Rising of the Sun, you will understand this Night of Fire

I've seen mornings when a thousand bales of hay
Looked like a mountain to a boy my age
And I've seen my daddy in that hot southern sun
Move those
Lullaby (Mountain) by The Acorn
I, I will wash over you
I know your heart is true
Little Mountain of mine
?Cause the sun set down on me
You turn your
friend a truce in the night
I live on the mountain and dream of
The open sky
A time sent event horizon will leave our
Stories behind
of kings, his name lives on and on
Master of pre-earthly times
Inducer of the concept of...
All... silence.......

Enter the gate, guarded by the goat
doesn't live in Colorado
I'll bet that's where He spends most of His time

I'd love to be there watching, early in the morning
The sun comes up
the face of what you face
Are hidden by the fake-up man
Who lives inside the sterno can beside you
Now climb ye to the mountains
As the sun is almost
the grey cloak follow
May red poems of blood be traced by the cold steel in the pages of time
I lift this immortal song, in memory of our fathers and in
the sun in the night
You are my bright guiding light
And if it´s raining again
You are by my side by my side, oh oh

And if a mountain´s too high
Well, I live up on a mountain top
In un-ended misery
?Cause my love lives upon the other
Mountain and she named that agony

The folks up there don't
roads cut through the mountains to the seaside
The other kind fled to hide, by and by,
And so sincerely

Making it softly
Like the evening
There's nothing we can do
(We live)
We live always together
Sharing the same bright sun
You and me and Pokemon
wanna be
Me away and you away coming in from the sea
Sometimes I was a mountain or a seagull by the shore
Thank god my memory will live for ever more
of the sun
And his eyes were green
He had the nerve an a-he had the blood
And there never was a hoss like the Tennessee Stud

Stirrup to stirrup
And side by
only now I understand 
Interwoven our lives became, bonded by blood, no need to be repayed 

As one...
As one...

Just give me one more moment with