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whatever go down in history
It’s just a little story of an American family

But the whole world is different now
Blood's been spilled on our shores
In hard
the misery the pain
You must have stunned the gates of heaven
He said, "It's easy to explain"

It was the blood of Jesus
The blood of Jesus
to come bruise me

And even though maybe were in there
Farther than it once was I know family don't always
Mean that they blood 'cause some people just
me back to where it all began
When Jesus was the honeymoon
And Cain was just the man.
And we read from pleasant Bibles that are bound in blood
Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me with your precious blood
In Jesus name, Amen

I met her at this house party on El Segundo and Central
She had
Raging, your eyes seeking cleansing for their disease. 
Hatred, suffocating reason, the ground cries out. 

For the spirit broken, erased by
this truck now

Doctor said don't think he gonna make it
Family said make the funeral arrangements
Unplug the machine he's gone now 
Then told my
be like 'Boyz N Hood', affiliated by my brothers
Worship higher powers, folks impoverished, drinking from the chalice
So they say it's his blood, be
Jesus is King
'Til my heart stop pumpin' no more blood in my veins
Watch me turn up everyday homeboy I'm so unashamed

Turnt up boy turnt up boy
Turnt up
Um, yeah palms sweating guess it's time for the murder
My nigga my nerve, I swerve left you dead on the curb
Tell his family get them black clothes
the changes everybody going through
This family got problems and they do too
But everybody wanna tell you what they think you should do
He said watch them so
Everything was suppose to be all Jesus
Everything was suppose to be all Jesus
But it seems like everything is all Satan
But it seems like
Talked that big we sent him home in a box

But I know who I am through Jesus Christ
So I talk to you demons like dogs
Satan you coward, you molester
get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper, deeper, deeper
Into the rhyme

Chillin' in the corner at the shelter all by myself
Checkin it out
a better chance seeing Jesus 

So I got me a plan 

Steal me a Astrovan and take the law into my own hands 

And I ain't going out talking to them hoes
Never no status, we positionary
Heavenly Christ Jesus, son of the father
Shed blood for my people, respect it and you can call me
Definitely, if not him?
take the world by storm
Sky blessed, the land of the brave
Understand where I stand, my hand is made
From B R double-O K-lyn in the planet
me forget about the color I might be
It's likely they just like me
We different but the same we covered by the blood of the King

I don’t do black
And then, the Mormons danced with ewoks
And were greeted by Jesus!
Welcome Mormons!
Now, let's all have as many babies as we can
And make big, Mormon
it genocide?
'Cause I can still hear his mama cry
Know the family traumatized
Shots left holes in his face about piranha-sized
The old pastor
the ring wit the redeemed
Its all the same team, G O D Jesus Christ and the Spirit Unity the family
That's comin strong, comin hard takin back what
the streets, come in piece 
 or leave in pieces, even Jesus was killed by the polices 
 They crucified him now they inject us refuse to fry em 
 The pendulum
the blood
And we're just chips off the old block
Representing Jesus

Hey, Phase 2 who we gonna give the praise to Jesus
Plus thank Him for the ones who raised
Satan is not by himself. And then at times we only say "Satan I bind you" but we must now say "Satan I bind you, I bind your angelic race, and I bind your
about a girl
Got a 2-way vanity mirror
Firing a blind eye I turn from an 800-pound gorilla

In the midst of misdirected anger
False blood can run

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