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Yeah! 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck
G G G G G-Unit! Haha!

Vacate your home I come to brake your bones
Americas nightmare we at it again
A desert
[50 Cent]

Yeah! 50 Cent.. Lloyd Banks.. Young Buck...
G G G G G-Unit! Haha!

[Young Buc]

Vacate your home I come to brake your bones
G G G, G G G-Unit
No peace talks, no white flags
No mercy, I'm getting yo ass

[50 Cent]
Niggas done heard about my click how we stay wit
Ain't Gonna Change
I Don't Play That Shit
Young Buck:
G-Unit Do Ya' Thang

Young Buck:
Some Say I'm Crazy For Signin With 50 Cent
Them Same
Shit, And I Pop My Shit
[Young Buck:]
But I Ain't Gonna Change
I Don't Play That Shit
[Young Buck:]
G-Unit Do Ya' Thang
[Young Buck
homey got shit locked
Public Enemy #1, Flavor Flav with a wristwatch
All black G-Units, all black Impala
I'm a schitzo, three-wheelin the six-fo'
50 Cent
[50 Cent]
G-Unit, they ain't ready

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
I don't know what you been thinkin', don't know what you been drinkin'
But you get outta
[50 Cent] G Unit!
[50 Cent] A, be
[Scarlett] You can't fuck with me
[50 Cent] see, D
[Scarlett] We from the Harlem streets
[50 Cent] E, F
[Young Buck]

[Stat Quo]
Gmm nigga

[Young Buck]
Shady, aftermath in this bitch, oh, young buck, stat quo

[Stat Quo]
Ya understand
Yo yo
I need no introduction everybody
Heard of 50 Cent and heard of G-Unit
I'm not high tech and I'm not qualy
You see me in the club
(50 Cent) G-Unit! Ha Ha! 50 Cent Hook: If some shots may happen to go off tonight Don't worry about me I be aight Niggaz could waiste ammo firin
[Young Buck:] G-Unit!!!
[Stat Quo:] GMM N****
[Young Buck:] Shady/Aftermath In This B****...Ooh, Young Buck, Stat Quo
[Stat Quo:] Ya Understand Me
chin-chilla covas, on my G-Unit sweata (Yeah!!)
On Tuesdays and Thursdays they say tha vikes rollin'
We see 'em ride by, but we act like we don't know 'em
When I'm hangin' out the window wit that AK filling ya punk ass wit holes

[50 Cent]
Cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, marijuana, 
I'm new on that greyhound
[50 Cent]
Yeah, F-50

[Chorus - 50 Cent]
As times go by, I twist a lot
Fuck with me and my niggas, somebody gonna die
You think I'm all poinry, cause
drill mugged or thugged out
Blood in or blood out, son was bugged out
Might look at you and slice you
Buck fifty face stupid and say but run Nike swoop