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The Fear Factor got you all riled up
O'Reilly? Oh really? No rally needed, I'll tie you up
Network for child predators, setting them up
MySpace, pimps,
what you say, Fox 5 is watchin'

The Fear Factor got you all rattled up
O' Reilly, oh really? No rally needed, I'll tie you up
Network for child
We'll meet you after the blackout
When the lights go out for good
We'll take a look at our anarchy
On that first black morn

Social networks down
the squaddy, we no 'luminati
They must think they got me, they know they can't stop me, they know they can't stop me

Your network's your net worth, still
Un movimento di chi ha un pò la mente in tilt
Con il cervello nei clip
Non ce più identikit
Tra tutti questi social network ho bisogno
Di ma
I need your touch 
A little interaction
To spark a conversation
I need data 
Would you come a little closer we're loosing connection 

WiFey- wife -
ya, blood coughin
Meth pull the last spark plug with a heart pump

We say
Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2
Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2
We say
Wa wa wa wa 1 2 1 2 we

Hi this K Spark from the Al Parks  dammmn! 

Welcome to another nineteen ninety-six Funk Doctor Spock tape 
As we take y'all minds on another
Will you love me now if you're ridin' with
You could be my friend spark the medicine
That's on God, I'm a heaven sent
And it taste so good wanna
Through the smog so write it in the logs
And all the blogs and the streets, write it with your feet
When you walk and you talk through
on your shoulders like sparks in the air
There's silt on your ankles and sand on your feet
The river too shallow, the ocean too deep
You smile at your
kick you and diss you

They got networks like insects
With webs of deception
They'll trap you, cocoon you
Like a department of correction
They come
I be tryna dodge the blogs, I'm tryna keep it on the low
In the studio, I'm goin' hard, I swear I'm 'bout to blow

Yeah, alright, I'm on it
in the summer, dawg
Like a hunnid missed calls in my number log
I talk to God 'fore I talk to people from them blogs
Gotta see through it when it's
and court order
	ESP network, TNT explosive expert
	your head jerk, back flip, illegal life shit
	bad guys in black ??, left the scene rowdy
	air cloudy,
The saga, sega, mega, network and bodega
Dream marvelous, scandelous, black mantis
Illegal life is like my aerolight,
We be your light, hustle night
entertainer puttin' your brain though strainers
We smokes the choc', don't be afraid of the dark
Mentals get hit brain cells spark
Pappers swear they got
You are watching UBN
U Black Niggas Network
Raleigh–Durham, Chapel Hill

Yeah, two, two, two, two (And we party)
Yeah, and it go like this (And
Harlem, spark up and park the foreign
I'm talking Target, she walked in Target, the men's department
We sin so often, my partners run it, these niggas
the fat bitches butt

Chorus 2X

I marks the spot, My Flipmode niggas up in the dark
Back in the days, I used to spark in 181 park
I'm off
the harshest 
I Gotta keep marching through Swamps and the marshes 
To Spark up the darkness 
'Til Im a carcass I'm working my hardest 
Set it off like alarms
even harder
And spark ciggas stop
Captain universal
Moves when you star grippa
Dark flipper, you mad
I mastered my art
Quicker, cause they sharp
(tell 'em)
Electrical shortage, it's all in your circuit
I'm working like scissors and not less you sparking it better
We sparked the discussion
Spark 'to
the queen inside the honeycomb
The networks of the newest world come to light
Shimmering and pulsing with deceptive might
Late into the evening and into

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