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By black we ride, or so they say
Our need for reason, there greed is paid
Powers rumble for spiritual sway
Paths are laid then leaders stray

joy, blessed joy in the morning sky
Now that I, I belong
To the One who has given the words to the song

And I will freely sing of all that You are
the dead of night
See the four horsemen ride
I saw the lamb open wide
The seven seals are broken

The white horse is given a crown
The conqueror bent
Love is pain left out in the rain
With nothing to gain but teardrop stains
Being haunted by a memory as I think back
The things we used to do
Ah man sad, sad song
Yo word Polo, broken heart ain't no joke, man

Yo, why don't you really tell
Them how you feel about it, man

Love is pain
This isn't just about friendship
This is family right here
And that's a bond that can't be broken
You know what I'm saying

How do I feel about
drinks the life-blood from the feebled man. 
Empty bodies, soul-drained by the vrigin queen. 
Finally given the pleasure to die. 
She aligns the hate
I've been blessed given riches, enemies suspicious
Cause I'm seldom in the company of bitches
Plus the concepts I depict, so visual, that you can kiss
when I can dramatize?
Niggaz fell victim to my lyrics, now traumatized
Simply by spittin' I've been blessed given riches
Enemies suspicious 'cause I'm
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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