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Chyee I'm coming in correct
Chyee I'm coming in correct
Bleh bleh bleh
Correct correct correct correct
I'm never wrong I always stay correct
(bleh), hey (ah, ah)
J'ai l'arme à gauche, mon fils à droite
J'traverse les flammes (j'traverse les flammes)
J'suis dans le bloc, j'ai la sacoche
Die bitches in DM zeggen Bleh Bleh Bleh
Die bitches in DM zeggen Bleh Bleh Bleh
Maar I don't care want ik heb veel Swag Swag Swag
Maar I don't care
faked  sick  before
'Cause  I'm  faking  it  right  now

Can  you  feel  it
Is  it  obvious
Am  I  so  obvious
Bleh  bleh  bleh  bleh  
Bleh  bleh  bleh
neck neck neck neck
Me and Matt we runnin up a check check check check
Sayin I ain’t good yuh bet bet bet bet
Run up on me finna get bleh bleh bleh bleh
au feu rouge
Mmh, viens pas chez nous si tu n'es pas fou

Vas-y, pénave (yeah, yeah) on va t'en (culer, yeah, yeah)
Nunca vini (yeah, yeah), bleh
Hop out
Golden glow, it's knock out
Raining loud my top down
Pop out
Bleh bleh bleh, i'm shot down
That's how they do me like
I wanna win
(We slept on but that's alright)
(Bleh bleh bleh bleh)
Skrr skrr skrr
Skrr skrr skrr (skrr skrr)
Bleh spaz (bleh spaz)
I'm off the map (I'm off
Life is over
The world is coming to an end
Life is over
The world is coming to an end

Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah
Blah bleh blah,
Cocaïna, ça cuisine la cocaïna

T'es pas des miens, reste à ta place et c'est carré (bleh, bleh)
On reste les mêmes, toujours à l'affût du danger
Hajar aja bleh

Hajar aja bleh gak usah ragu-ragu
Mumpung ada kesempatan ngapain lagi lama-lama
Nanti disikat orang oh ye yei oh ye yei

Hajar aja
uh, I just want the money
Uh, uh, uh, uh babe this ain't a thing getting paid in white tee
I don't want a thing bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh
Des filles dans le lit, dans le viseur des nazis yo
L'Île-de-France c'est pas le désert, ici les pluies d'criquets rapportent du blé (bleh
mom bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh
My hero is the man who murdered hitler (Average!)

I'm average
I may not be the best but I'm not the worst
Non ho il canino da vampiro ma l'ho fatto da bambino già pensare a questi soldi bleh bleh
Sento questo schifo e faccio bleh bleh
Perché è tutto così
Yah yuh yah, yeah yeah (comin' close to my prime)
Comin' close to my prime (bleh!)
Family on my side (ugh)
Don't like me? Awh, boohoo
Keep that
anni più di te
Le tue parole
bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh
No non ti sento FRE
Lo hacemo Otra vez
Nella stanza dell’hotel
Se non è nella porsche
Lo facciamo
que que tão me visando? (Prr)
Vivo como um rockstar, yeah
Invisto no trap life (Bléh)
Hash comandando tudo (God damn)
Quebra a guitarra na merda do
Suko! Weź ze mnie zejdź, no bo jesteś brudna
Bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh, nie chcę złapać gówna
Nie rozdrabniam się, jakbym kruszył topka
Ale sama
Supa set please don’t fret
Every friday spend a check
Break necks
Hmm fuck up next
Fuck the game up
Supa set supa set bleh bleh
Find some safety fore
this yeah
Hollow bitch follow cliques woah
Hit and run more like shifty lift you the opposite of bliss bleh bleh bleh

Pussy got my tongue I'm speaking
ain’t gotta say shìt (Bleh)
They getting nervous, they know a nigga can’t miss
Oh you want a problem (Yah), I got it for you (Got it for you)
Since you
J'ai besoin d’noir
Besoin d’verte
Tellement d’herbe que j’en ai la besogne verte
J’suis dans la zone, a mon niveau sonne-per
OG pas d’bleh pas
It's nothing (Yeah, aye yeah)
You drink Robitussin (bleh, what? aye)
Nah, that bitch ain't fucking (ooh, what?)
Told her get the fuck out 'cause I

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