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rage I'm
Scarred by age, I bled (bled for days)

It's uselessness [Repeat: x3]

Make my weapons [Repeat: x3]
Take the hold

I don't
have become some sort of clone. for this, letting others decide, the easiest way. bled dry. bled dry, no substance. if I wanted to become this I would
He was struck by static in the heart
Shot by an appendage from a television tube
And knowing what it meant to be showered with sound
He became
a nigga ain't watching
I got somebody watching
Yeah, you know what time it is

[Lil Wyte]
I'm a motherfucking...
[Chorus - 2x]
Static addict, static addict,
to tobacco road
I'd give my old soul what it's asking fo
I'm trying to find where them angels sing at
Where X and King at
So listen for the knowledge I
know (for all my ruminations I can't change a thing
Still I hope (there's others out there who are listening)

To the static on the radio
seventeen nights in the city,
watching the face in the embryo,
traced by fleshy twilight, pleading for cesarean.
You can see it all from the rooftops
leaving my bills for you to pay
I will love you dearly for breaking the bank for me each day
I love you all I love you all

When the static feels right
as his body grew colder,
And I called for my mother and she never came,
Though it wasn't my fault and I wasn't to blame,
The day not half over and ten
A little sympathy please for the petty bastards
Who feel their glory days are behind them. 

So far behind them
The person thy thought made all
red, broken and bled
By the flames that rule her fields of fire
Baby's in blue, broken in two
May the rains run through her fields of fire
Her fields
fall, at Your feet
I'll give it all, until the day we meet

[Repeat x 2]
Here I am
Ready to give up my life for the One
Ready to pour out my heart
fall, at Your feet
I'll give it all, until the day we meet

[Repeat x 2]
Here I am
Ready to give up my life for the One
Ready to pour out my heart
welcome you in)
Long ago there was a garden a beautiful garden that we all want to see someday
It was made by him above just for you and me to love
of the day, the charade

Perpetrators beware say a prayer if you dare for the believers
With a faith at the size of a seed enough to be redeemed (doo, doo)
Caged in white rooms 
Day in my life has passed

I'll never be the same
Lost in my world

Fooled by white light
Lost in my
Only hoping

One day she must come along
A girl as pretty as a song
A woman just meant for me
I need love, love help me

Vibrant flashes in
of a love that's dead
Sometimes happy then sad
I need love, love help me

[Passing by the grounds of time]
Memories that are only mine
Looking for love,
every scratch it reappears 

In the dog days
People look to Sirius
Dogs cry for the moon
But these connections are mysterious 

It seems to me
This world in sin, of plagues and pain
We fall, we crawl
No war, no more
Them eyes, they bled for a thousand days
Them eyes, they bled in
Static in the sentence, static in the dirt
Something like a hunter, shaking, I go wild
Burn your body, I can see your burning fire
I sing
screaming for you

Day by day
I'm slowly replaced in your picture frames
A brand new face on your pillowcase
Come the night you dim the lights and close
them perfect looks
And you searched for answers in all your books
And finally by diabolic ascent here I am

Said it's just a diabolic
A diabolic
it with a hand of 10 by 10.

Turn the cooling card
And show your hand to me.
Hands up, past time for both of us to see.

Clothes and match were
tuff ghost, tuff crowd, tuff love
sit down X3

say something now

the tuff ghost disappears for 3 days
the tuff ghost