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From thinking all the time
About everything
Oh, somebody from thinking all the time

So deeply, so bleakly?
So bleakly all the time
somebody stop me 
From thinking 
From thinking all the time 
About everything 
Oh, somebody 
From thinking all the time 
So deeply, so bleakly? 
Oh, somebody
From thinking all the time
So deeply, so bleakly ?
So bleakly all the time
About everything ? (Who I am, how I ever got here)
Somebody stop
Mourning the crumbling spires
Crawling back into hellfire
A spectral aura
Bleakly fading
A disembodied cry
Still yet looms
Iron sharpens the iron
Walked into our world and made
Horrible sounds
I can still hear them today
(Bleakly they sing)
Beautiful now
For they all passed my love

Still each
never cared
I know you did
You just smiled
like a bank teller
telling me bleakly
have a nice life
And it was our fuckin' banks that got bailed
It was us who turned bleakly away
Looked back down at our nails and our wedding plans
In the face
Freer than the Caribs at the world's end
The battle and the scars are my worth and
It's bleakly in the winter night
In summer I might thaw
bleakly but weakly despairitous
It's solely a lowly despairitous

It's just despairitous
That's all it is
That's all
That's all, almost

Everything I know
never win
The one is pawn the other is king
We play this game over a fucking lifetime
Far and wide my clouded eyes
Can only see a bleakly desert
on the trees
But I have no home
So here I roam
In the forest
Where my footsteps can't find me

The grove now growing around my eyes
The trees hang bleakly above

Though obvious, most fail to realize
Let finite quota freely dissipate
Then feel the near-depleted cache too late
And bleakly watch the final full
through our daily bread 
And bleakly snooze 
Through pointless news 
With fizzing foreheads we despise 
The foreigners who wipe our eyes 
Drool strings hail
of the muck
That is this life, some'd say I had luck
'Cause my whole life
Has been one bleakly
Blind to the blood
Both parents, none died, none cried
a decision, trapped by familiarity
Bound by the fear of leaving all of this behind me
Facing bleakly into the unknown

I hear the clock that's ticking endlessly
Of torturous revenge ideas
That become more bleakly revealing
About your personal cruelty
Than the original crime, baby
All the things you've said
A stark contrast to bleakly view
Monochromic ways
Fecund creeping ulcerate
Cancer feeds on me
Begin my solstice, forth of twelve
road gymnastics 
Tight white leotards made from scars from backflips 
Less than sarcastic 
Signed on the asterisk 
Motor oil leaky 
Looking bleakly
"Life sucks, and then you die"

Here lies our fate, a bleakly stained disgrace
A cross between two worlds of liberty and hate
Nothing is forgone,
And every move is closer
And we sway
Bleakly into nothing

When, you stop
I stop with you

Far away, so far away
Dressed in silence, I'll

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