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turtle dove

Annotated & Submitted by Leon Sanchez
the flames into a blaze
The awen of the mighty

By the force of sucellus sledge
By every impact of ogmios club
With bricta's invincible epiphany

A tribe arose
purple haze (purple haze)
And it's time for us to blaze
Can we smoke?
[Mannie Fresh]
Shazzam, damn, a bag of weed
A cup of Cognac and a couple
I'm in the car, to the door, in the bar, to the dance floor
Lookin' for the ladies, with the wiggle real low
I see you movin' like a snake,
Jimmy brought rum, he looking for clean cups
No snacks here, you won't be dancing on peanuts
Strictly hot food, keep you nice and strong
So you can go
blaze through the grey cloud, stop the rain 
Shear shirts by Chanel, baby, feel the breeze 
Drop top, me and shorty, while she be at my knees 
coffee cup
He feeds me quotes
That lonely goat
I watch him grazing by himself 
I will not stop him when he rambles
I'm becoming one myself

Lou is
of my cup
Stupid stuff but all my cudees blaze wit me
And when they blaze young lay get's way dizzy
I'm feeling tipsey so you know I'm feeling perk
A haha, yeah, Evey, Jada
Just Blaze, break it down
Let's Go, uh huh, 
See we goin' "Bring down the House" right now
D-Block style, what up, what
is in
Locked in a four block radius like a public prison

Twenty-two year old, Dunn, ain't got a cup to piss in
But he got a barrel gun and that's
to get higher, come ride
I will fly you

? puff, 'cause really it ain't ?
Ain't wastin' no herb by lettin' it burn, let me hit that sticky
"what you wanna be when you grow up"
A low rider with some colt 45 in my cup

I was on my way to college and then saw
A Cadillac three wheelin' down
the time machine
Blaze a lime green, six on the spleen over some green
Surrounded by crooks, a life wit jux and bloody heist
It's a deadly price but the gun
If you want it, you could find us in Texas 
Never gon leave, cause we love Texas 
Everything big, up in Texas 
By the way we walk, you could tell we
hoes like whoa, until in the morning
Crack of dawn
And I've wipe the shit out of my eyes
Then I'll do it again like cup of gin
There I go out to sin
hoes like whoa, until in the morning
Crack of dawn
And I've wipe the shit out of my eyes
Then I'll do it again like cup of gin
There I go out to sin
deep in Hell is where I'll send ya
Welcome to the Land of more indo
We smoke
We choke
You know we blaze
Break out any cup with the pipe, what's up?
to sit and chill with my girl by the beach
Complete, unique, in all the way around
Give me a pound from East to West Bound
Nothin' in the world that can
back up 
In the cut with a cup of yak 
I raise up with all the game that I've been holdin back 
Take your pumps off bitch let me check out yo heals
Whatever shines too bright shines half as long
I don't kiss hoes, I only put my lips on a cup
Pee-wee niggaz, go somewhere and piss on your nuts (ha ha)
on my cup to the rim on the why feeling g or from the bud so I grin 

(CHORUS x2) when I get lost, 
Feel I been crossed, 
She will be my salvation
longer than a 


as we begin to blaze, through the milky ways 

repenting from our filthy ways, replenish for our guilty days
it & blaze one up, that's how it be on the run
More money more problems, no money yo problems ain't gone die
Put 5 in the tank, I'm high & I'm bad
I don't give a fuck, though
Hand me a Dixie cup and a Red Bull
And I'mma mix it up with something special to make ya head go
Ooo wee ooo wee,
never see me with a empty cup
I can do dat
I'ma buy the whole neighborhood bikes
I can do dat
you know Lil' Flip gone do what he like
I can do dat