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Blasphemy of religious spawn
Catastrophe at the birth of dawn
Atrophy from the severed head
Cacophony caused by the living dead

Blasphemy of the Flesh
lustful wish
Secrecies of sacred blasphemies, beyond the golden walls
Chambers of carnage divine, to usurp and rape the purest
Sworn to the heavens, thy

Awakened by nocturnal cries
Summoned to rise when the full moon rise
Sancrosanctious blood inhumanity dies

Nocturnal blasphemy

Carnage formed rebirth
A sickened lust of hatred
Damned to eternal plight
Obscene art alive through death
Crafted gore
Masterful slaughtering
Cauterized to the cross
Suppuration freak
Loot crippling innards
Carnage feast
Maggots infest eyes
Mutilated corpse
Eternal deformed
Mutilation by ghouls
Nine footprints to evil
Hooves crack on petrified soil
Coming forth from the abyss
Lit by bonfires of sin

The quest for the grail of flies
the swords of carnage
Forgiveness, entangled
Forever blasphemy

I have opened the gates
Now your soul is mine
In everlasting bloodshed
Your kingdom is
So much we'd learn in this age of denial
Wild Rabelaisians to teach us their pleasures
Do what you will we could all learn to live by
Though guilt
I am the venom, I am the serpent born of flesh
I am of carnage, I am the dark one, killer of man, I am death
Architect of your destruction
As garden statues 

A grotesque feast 
Of human flesh and pus 
Aroused by pain 
A gateway to death 
Madness reigns 
At the climax of carnage 
the carnage is complete

I've seen the blackest decade, seen
Through the eyes of the present
Released by the burden of lust
Provocation of the flesh
joyous laughter
Orgy of the damned
Prepare for sacrifice by death
On my command

Infernal eternal
With the power in our veins
The right of darkness
Speak of the armer
Forgotten by reality
Speak of the pearls
In crossing unnatural fragments

Perplex in a mortal disguise suddenly awared
Sanguinary disinterment
Necrobiotic rash
Gnawing, throbbing anguish
The gullet is now mashed
Pungent excruciation
Flesh mummified by lice

Mesmerized by innocence
Corrosion of virgin flesh
Versatile ways to slay
Transfixed, deflowered death

Bodies pinned to the ground
Skin falls to the ground 
In a mixture from the wounds 

Fleshy, butchery, inhumane carnage 

Strip the skin off the dead 
Saw the muscles one by one
I see them coming in a trail of death

The undead invades, bringer of death
They show no mercy when they hunt for flesh

Carnal, carnage
Death dealt with glamour - making headlines.
Assault was never sweeter, applauded by the crowd.
Condoned decimation, serial killer stands proud.
followed by

diabolical unleashment
spewing forth an inferno of carnage
torn wasteland of rubbish and debris
after the bomb, nothing left to see
the coming messiah
Blasphemies shall be written
In the book of holy trinity
Immense tombs at the bounds of the skies
Filled by flesh hatred and death
Engulfed and entangled
Consumed by this evil embrace
Controlled by the powers of darkness
Embodiment of the cold and the grey
Nothing if but not

And the bone that holds you together
Crippled by the knife
Bloody rotted body
Deep inside, burning pain and hate

Beaten to death,
I am forever
Forever I will be
In the shadows of the old
My path litten by their gloom

Do what thou wilt
Dreams shall flesh
In the shadow
Vielfour fiery
Four corners race- stretch infinity
Cataclysms celebrate
A whirling soul ablaze with spirited gleam
A silence made sullen by
Asphyxiation gasping for breath 
Drowning in viscera 

Slowly to taper away dissipate 
Absorbing this ultimate carnage 
Surrounding me 
Soaking in entrails