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Blanked up, Blanked up
Yea I got the snip
Blanked up, Blanked up
Had to do it
Blanked up, Blanked up
Kids are stupid
Blanked up, Blanked up
Two little boys had two little blanks
each had a wooden blank.
Daily they blanked
each summers day.
Blankers both of course

One little chap then had
Pumpkin spice in that latte so that shit got sipped up (Sip)
She said she wanted kids but your boy been blanked up (Abortion)
Shot his ass inna haunted
Blanked out and silent

Give me a hushed grey world
Paint it for me
To float amid the dewy grass
Then don't let the day begin

Without the neon
the sentry for some dedication yea yea
Point blanked stayed positive un magicians ay ay
Stayed in hallucination until I found out my own situations yea yea
the street life,
theres more to the roads than street lights,
jackmove guys in the corner,
that's why some WALK street with a bora (blanked out),
Embrace the void
In the dark, I'm drowning

Oh I feel distorded
My mind is blanked
I feel numb
In the light, I'm going

Crying out loud, defiled,
Constant winning
Left him wanting
No point choosing
They chose for him
All the faces
All the faces
Blanked out faces
Blanked out faces

Constant winning
Left him wanting
No point choosing
They chose for him

All the faces
All the faces
Blanked out faces
Blanked out faces

looking for so long
Louilicious is your name
A name that blanked your wonderful body
So delicious you can't blame
As sweet as a cherry pie

Who got gats?
Who gon' rat? Who gon' skat?
Talkin' bout where them rats at

All you G's throw a [blanked] if you know the sign
And if you peoples
You are my blanked out pages
All the wasted spaces
The old weapons vanished
Spit blood at dawn, closed forever

You're an ivory icon
Held in
Dear blank I'm sorry I blanked,
You're blank, thought you'd understand if you knew how much beer that I drank
I know today is going too fucking
This is no time
For a shouting match
I smell blood
And there's
No blood around

Blanked out eyes
And the blanked out sound
See them coming
Blanked out face
Knew plenty fakes
I can't see the pain that is hidden outta place
Blanked out face
Running outta space
Forgetting who I trust
Ooo, You Blanked On This One

Lick after lick
Lick after lick
I keep hittin' lick after lick after lick
Spit on a dick
Sip and a hit
I keep lickin'
replies snakey bruddas getting blanked yeah
Snakey bruddas getting blanked yeah
That's my wife there
Call me up and i'll be right there
I'll be right there
(blanked out, kneel down, blanked out)

Starlights and headlights woke my sleep
In the middle of the night when I finally set you free
Ran out of tricks up
done blanked out
Take the room and paint it red
Filled with lead
Because I'm spaced out
Take the shotty pop the top and blow my brains out
Should've seen
There's nothin' more that I want, or is there
There's nothin' more that I want, or is there
Heads, hearts, and hormones got my mind blanked out
The Green Apple Ball  

Here come the girls again kissing for hours
Spilling and spinning the glitter ball flowers  
One couple faceless blanked for
been the object of a gaze

And I tried to stare back, but I blanked myself out
Like in a mirror: I'm not here
Like in a mirror: I'm not here
pulsing form

We are
We're terrified
It comes from confusion
These blanked out walls
Reveal the illusion

Too afraid to fight flooding from inside
J Blanked

I do try, I stay fly, I seek light for real
Was to high, and knew why,
Felt alive a feel
Joyful from a distance
But worse when you

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