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Who knows how he chews!

He thinks he knows something
About the great plan!
How ultimate blandness
Must rule and command

He knows not a drop,
How ultimate blandness
Must rule and command

He knows not a drop,
Not a crumb,
Not a whit,
Of the reason for doing
This criminal shit
And then, if he
the soul looks like in the end
After all

We need a change I feel
From this saga of old past blandness
Maybe I'll tase myself
Wake up from this maze of lies
I don't wanna be understood I just wanna kill
Out of blandness I am your everyday thrill

Patrick Bateman
We are babies crippled in Christ
that your hunger will only cease
If you come binge on radiant blandness
At the disposable feast

You're enjoying the chill winter playlist

And on fridays
I'm a shriveled balloon on a well-lit stage,
I hear my idea(l)s loosing weight,
the high cost of such a thrill
is blandness too hard
derriere the crystal eye. Come sign away, you can leave your worries behind. But like the winds we'll pass you by, fill your days with blandness. And now has
And blandness means the common taste
In classrooms and office halls
We stand in line struggling for a light
Like swarming moths inside a lantern burning out
Reinvent and sculpt and package 
Find a luminary plain
Easy, easy
Confused by the blandness and
The trials of hurt and sadness 
And not knowing anything

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