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There is no shield to protect from
Attacks led by the ones one used to trust.


The blade that stabs a back,
Unsuspecting, forms
Falling down
I like to watch you
Crawl around

Arms untied
Scratching your eyes out
With a smile

Strange stare
Strangled by the blade left
Forged by the Crow-Mage from shards of darkness
Honed by the half-breed to vorpal sharpness

Behold! The bastard's blade

Bane of the demon lord
Forged by the Crow-Mage from shards of darkness
Honed by the half-breed to vorpal sharpness

Behold! The bastard's blade

Bane of the demon lord
live by the sword you'll die die by the blade

You stand in my way a fatal mistake
The path of destruction lies lies in your way
Nowhere to run
by the stupid head ripped, 
Razor blade...
Hit the drecks, be nowhere, copy-cat manipulation, 
Knuckles buzzin' through the air, soul stripper over

When you die by his blade
Your corpse'll lie here to decay
No one will miss your dumb face
No one be left there to pray

The creator rides
put him by
A buck knife, a saw blade, a lead pipe, a twelve gauge
I could've deep-sixed him, wouldn't bat an eye
Well, he's not like we are, see he
caught it by the blade

You said "goodbye, it's not the end
And if you need me, I'm still your friend"
Well, that's easy for you to say
Cause you
you by surprise
Misery's your master

she's the blade and you're just paper
You're afraid cause she's got closer
Your back-steppin and she's out
Pure as we begin
Pure as we come in
Pure as we begin
Ruled by will alone

Pure as we begin
Here we have a stone
Gather, place, erase so
Cast in fire tempered by the flame evil demons lie within the blade
Mighty swords razor sharpened steel death metal weapons forged to kill

On a course to fight
To cleave a path with a trail of fire
To the heavens we take
Untarnished blades gripped by clenched fists

The thrill
A flashing blade of ancient times
My hands were clenched around its heel
An evil wizard's spell would leed
My life to bitter endless nights

Everyday on my way home
The clouds would break and the angels
Would sing their refrain

this world's an ungodly place
Strangled by vines unchaste
Bleeding, but you feel no pain
She won't cut you like a knife, like a knife
That little look in her eyes'll
Cut you like a razor blade
You wait

On these blades of glory

Settin? fire to the ice

Is the dream that keeps us alive

Now we?re comin? home

On these blades of glory

Could this be the end
of the woody nightshade

Men need a man would die as soon
Out of the light of a mage's moon
But it's not by bone, but yet by blade
Can break the magic that
got you beat, you can tell by the company she keeps 
She's a politician 

A broken mirror and razor blade 
She's a politician 
Hot headed all

You'll die as you lived
In a flash of the blade,
In a corner forgotten by no one.
You lived for the touch
For the feel of the steel
One man,
A sparkling blade in your liquid of life
A sparkling blade in your liquid of life...
Hearts stop by the power of my knife,
I am the owner of thousand
The barrel and the blade and go home.

By the sea, so wide and treacherous,
By the land, so dark and dangerous,
How can we have so far to go?
You dare raise up the cross
You fall now before the sword
No surrender, no mercy
Die beneath my blade
The fear of death cold in your heart
Unconscious in Versailles 
Press play begin 
See my life flash by 
Oh neon wind 

Hiroshima mon amour 
I wake up in Chiang-Mai 
Think I must
My honour's in doubt
It was accidental
I swear to god
It was the wrong angle
The blade flashed by
I had to grab it
A lunging mass
It was