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I got some killers so don't push me
Juicy J be on some mob shit
Waitin' by your door step hot in the bullshit
If it comes down to it ain't no thang
shines like a force of light
Tongue used as a tool to provide a Godly light
Most are lost and blinded by vanity
Africa's home and the birth of humanity
and a triple optician
Still part of my missions to slaughter the opposition
Critics that don't get it, I tell 'em to stop bitchin'
I do without blacks, I've
All exits not seized
So they fled
K-9's sniff through
Find personal seeds
Grows no more
Than a OZ rastas indeed
Snitched on by some neighbor
Gargoyles and goblins
No way
Fast movements
Triggered by severed thoughts
Could create mad bruises
Delivered from mega force(get it)
Do the knowledge
last wif from this polluted-ness 
Another soul's vibration escapes this cold tunnel of fire 
Juggle-liars usin your brain from the lord sire 
I tie
Under Thatcher's unfeeling guidance the scenario is one year early.
With the cold mechanism of the pin ball arcade
We're flicked around as numbers by