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me thinking
Maybe this is just a thought
Soon my ship of thoughts is sinking
Slipping through the thinking knot
Oh, I see another moon over me
nightmare squared
That's double for niggas who ain't mathematically aware

I can tell by how you write, you the type to run in a fight
I hold mics while
or confide in
Cause I wield the trident like Poseidon 
My last slip knot hangs for shanghai surprise 
The last of my crew is skeleton by design 
bust shots 
And from Watts to new lots knots are made in spots
Gettin' G's flippin' keys keep a semiautomatic 
Get the money nobody move no need for
And, it's t-shirt land
When niggas ain't playin'
Got a chrome Glock got it cocked
Red dot on yo' knot
As I pop
Till you drop