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The darkness, listen, the darkness reigns.
And wait for it,
There are only two of us now.
This great black night swoops down,
And this fire
Damnation and decay
In hell!
Black shadows without souls
The darkness will reign their world
Destruction and despair
In hell!

For the sin
of human misery 

Chanting the prayer of no return 
Called by a whisper soon shrouded in blood 
Obdurate feelings a black heart will thrive 
paint it black and blue, as a painful reminded of the black heart that's beating inside you, bleeding inside you.
Among the merciful, sin will reign.
dimensions they weep
On through the light
The flames of deceit

With reign of terror the seasons begin
Master your harvest demons of sin
Black winged
Raised with pride of sin
Legions roar as churches fall
My reign can now begin

Souls of Saturn enter me
The battle has begun
Belphegor brings Mars
unfolds, talons take hold
A stared empty glare, raised not to care
Life sucked back within, black ugly sin.
be the Black Sheep but Christ reigns supreme
Drink ya Ice T with some vanilla Ice Cream
Don't matter to me be the Public Enemy
He'll still make your
With the virgins of the church
And this black amour
Our sheets drip of mortal sin
Dear God allow me
To show gratitude
Let the foreskin begin
reign will be fed with the weak's fears
It will be a stone temple and will refuse the light
Write all this in the stones and hand it down by the force
Through the crypt of Her Lord who so lucidly slept


Exhaling the wail of black widowhood's toll
Waxing eternal night entered Her soul

of avarice
Indifferent war machine in all its violent glory
A callous iron god born to reign

Tar-black ejaculate
The seminal bile of conspiracy
Warriors of Sheol ride the storm
Coming to retrieve the human forms
Black cloak rider, force of sin
Mission to destroy white magic's kin

Prowling the streets, dressed all in black
As he enters your home, no turning back
A soldier of Satan, determined to win
Slashing your throat with
In the witching hour
Comes a rider in black—cold through and through 
Enslaves by desire
Just like a drug, she´s consuming you slow 

You can’t love
paramilitary, buckshots reign, the ruggeded terrain
Unless a nigga standin for change
The spoon fed lies are bein nothin but game

Chorus X2
and nemesis
Beneath the burial surface
To the final act of the immortal sin
I am lead by burial winds

The life I leave to exchange with death
And image of all that used be 
Straight forward death campaign 
Let's go where the dreams shall always reign 
So what is death 
No need
the sins of my brother
Down to the pond

I'm gonna wash them [2x]
I'm gonna wash the sins of my Father
I'm gonna wash the sins of my Mother
I'm gonna wash
pages after
Black August

[Chorus 2x]
the reaper in his eyes
Messenger - prince of flies
Brain washed with sin and death
Time to burn - my evil wrath

Evil spells...[X2]

[Solo: Azagthoth]
and started my own clan
Black Gambino, black suits, black Syndicate
My crime fam was tight, every move was intricate
The coke was brought in from by bad
respect; rise of the black suits
Talk shit behind my back, but to my face salute
Hugs and handshakes, they can't stop my reign
Got the coconut, pilots
Under the moon, black winds blow
Onto the sands, warriors have died
To the most Northern forest mountain
Our victory is ours, under the moon's fog