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careful when you get there, we hate to be bereft
But we're taking down the names of everybody turning left
Oh, we're the John Birch Society, the John Birch
take place
And her thoughts reflect the silver birch
And the tiny church

She thinks he's coming back
But she knows he won't
The porter tries
But birch trees are falling now that you're gone

Once we walked the crumbling cliffs
Where the birch trees lean
Once I kissed your apple lips
the moon on the sky's arch
Soothe the weight of a darkling day
Croon me into the slumber

Rock here in the birch's lap
Swing in the manor of wind
You're the goddess of my daydreams
You're the diving suit to my body
You're the one I will never touch
You're the swanlike birch
Recompense me
The thin slip of moon through the shade was lost on sleeping eyes seeing smoke rise up through the birch and pine, where a sinking red sun found us,
the moon climb slowly in the sky.
It was on a night like this when she gave me her last kiss
Climbed in her birch canoe and sailed away.

as the sky above the lake
And blue the water flowing
White birch drooping on the shore
Her leaves of emerald glowing
The night is robed in spangled black
my guide
Standing proud
In victory

Into glory ride
Onward into glory ride
To Birka we sail
(Birch Island)

And celebrate
Hail Thor
A Long Ago

Let Grimmer Night Come
Sway In A Swing Of Gods
Tossed Between Heaven And Hell

Strands Of Birch
Are Made Out Of Love

Maid Of Mercy Turns Into
a tiny church
Fashioned out of local birch
The priest chose psalms and let us pray
She lay still until this day
I'm in love with the Hawthorn
Sure I like the Birch
I need a hand, a volunteer
Why does the Sycamore mean so much?

Do you dream of a cold
need different boots in this country
I see you through the screen door
Abandoned below in the birch's bough
You left me on the church floor

All I ever
When in the springtime of the year
When the trees are crowned with leaves
When the ash and oak, and the birch and yew
Are dressed in ribbons fair
Far, far away, where the birch wouldn't grow
Far, far away and where the wind freezes your face
There you won't be alone

I would rather fly with
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Still waters at night
In the darkest of dark
But you rise as white
As the birch tree's bark
Or a pale wolf in winter

Beneath the lovely birch honeymakers build their nest in peace
On the Savannah a lion licks a wounded gnu
To honor this moment even the heavens
her huddled in a winter freeze
And I've run cross paths of a thousand lives
Among the cactus and the white birch trees
Avloc ran a waterfront bar
a silver birch
And through the smoke, you catch the sun
A boat is just some wood that wants to burn

Hung up on a pole and full of straw
We are not
I've got a rifle on my back
Swinging past the birch trees.
Well I set of a bomb way back there.
I don't care about nobody but me.
'Cause I ain't
When the Creator made the earth
All kinds of trees were planted
The maple, birch, oak, hickory, apple, pear
And nut trees and so on

The Creator had
Not the cruelty of the woods
Take our blood and life.

Frothy rapids roar
And the hills high.
Woods of pine and forests of birch
the one I need

I leaned against a bark of birch
And I breathed the honey dew
I saw a North-bound flock of geese
Against a sky of baby blue
Wer will schon em Tunnel wohne
Wenn'e weiß, wat mer vum Birch uss sieht?!

Ech Angelika, ess schon erstaunlich,
(Wenn Miss Vollkasko ihr Kette

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