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Man fuck it I'm telling you nigga
don't tripIt's gonna be all good man
It's gonna be all good hey

Can't take my back is ill tack what I know sky
Right where his 'foot' was supposed to be. 
Now, billy the mountain, he couldn't believe it! 
All those postcards he'd posed for, for over these years,
a HUGE, BULGING ENVELOPE right at the corner of BILLY THE MOUNTAIN, that was right where his 'foot' was supposed to be.

go softly, softly round the habitat
Ratchet in the right hand
They got no one to stab it at
Take a walk, Billy, don't be a hero
Effort's on minimal
supposed to be here
We don't believe ya.
Double MG'er, we put a wreath on niggas' careers
We the best, Khaled
No need to stress, Khaled
Know there's a lot
Feel like handling the business might smoke the punk.
I run the nine one, fool, so get hip to my ways.
And don't be no hero like in the western
So I'm eyeing off your dinner like a seagull
I'm ugly, don't judge me
You're bugging while I'm chilling
I'm feeling like a hero, why they treat
A brother'll blow this
Another ferocious jam, I smother the ?grossagran?
I hover above the land of lame emcees that don't blow
I'm poppin' the clip and then bo
Yo, my brain deserve its own infomercial for how it thinks
You can't be saved by coppin Tae-Bo with Billy Blanks
I turn on sinks and rock to the rhythm
don't wanna pull the plug
Hug on my canteen like in a dream
Centipede leader speedin' through a meaty greed league
I can tell by the way the needs bleed
Yes, sir

We rep the Lord truly
We heading straight ahead
Man, we ain’t tryin’ to hit no U-y
Man, they can’t do nothing to me
We don’t look
nobody seein em
M.o.p. and em, heather b and em
Ain't nothing changed, I'm still in the street with niggas
I'm still a corner store hero eatin nigga