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[M/L: Jevo]

We are members of a private brotherhood.
We control the guild of rock n'roll
Radiostations, mags and record companies
you got what it takes
We got the real Mccoys
And the we've got the fake

And now the Big-Wigs giving you head
Buy our music, buy your mind dead
have told you, that there was a day 
I was someone, people - listened - to 
Like a Rockstar,  Like a bigwig, I swear it's true  
They were adoring me
The greedy gullet of the bigwig nations
Swallows all of our patience

In unity they fool the poor
Keen on cash like a cheap fucking whore
ma had come very far
And if my pa was an oil-rig big-wig around our money town

If I were rich enough
To give you entertainment in the manner that
of dogshit in the grass

My mind boils in life as I've decided I'm through
Chop down the big-wigs, shoot the telelvisions, too
The guilty of crimes
I wanna be your kingpin
Living in Pekin
I wanna be your bigwig
Living in Pekin

I got the flu and away I flew
NYC, pediate blue
Singing two hours of nothing but Cash songs, and I could always drink for free
And some so called big-wig, producer man started sniffing around
He told me
on the weekends in some old honky-tonk
Singing two hours of nothing but Cash songs, and I could always drink for free
And some so called big-wig, producer man
Corporation Bigwigs
A keep us alive boy
You can try to run
But baby you can't hide
Go ahead and you jerk off
Your bitches with a Samsung
And death is knocking at my door
If bigwigs use precision to go guide the next direction
But we have all been here before
If you bury truth in money then
but I’m big
I’m a kid but I’m big
My name is B, but you may know me as a bigwig
I give the people what they want at every single
Kindle matter in the bon-fire-voyage
Okay bigwig, go to a shindig
Rock a box social like a pirate's new jig
We met there, you remember that?
I was
million-dollar works of art
Roll with the big-wigs, they think I'm the man
But then I stop and look and think about how big I really am

Oh, let my pride fall down
the back seat but never playing the bench
Make a cameo when needed (Right)
I mean everybody know who Stan lee is
Bigwig shit
That's why you never see me
Fuck school
I'm too cool for this shit, the king of fools - a little bit
Rather dyin' in the pit than bein' down with bigwigs
Take my word for it, I'm
and I'm a father-to-be! 
Playing background jazz periodically 
To big-wigs and fat cats of the bourgeoisie 
For free food, plus some cash, hundred dollars
that no one's gettin'
The flower's pure but per isn't
What matters more, life or friendship?
Big-wigs up in the building
Flowmo's making a killin',
Time to motivate, Colgate smiles all around
Nobody fuckin' with a similar sound
Bigwigs sittin' in they system, lookin' to leech
Cold flows passed
Corporate bigwigs keeping tabs on your keywords 
To track your brand identity 
See who'll be waiting for Haley's Comet 
While waiting in their Nike's
step back now who's it really all for
On one hand at the top of the rungs
Is a gaggle of big-wig billionaire thugs 
Watched you while you were sucking
down on all fours taking
Scissors to each blade of grass
Uniformed wannabe bigwigs parading 
Through town as if proud of the wind they pass - oh no

a bigwig

They big mad
You stayed down then came up
Fake love fake friends
Come a dime a dozen
I see you big mad then you see me
Big big bag pop big price
the hype
I'm all the way up
Make you bigwigs take a run for me
Out here chilling blowing swishers 
Mic check one two three
Everyday on the hustle writing

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