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opens up

Surrounded by growth
Nurse logs with layers of moss and life
Beyond the cedars, the sound of water
Thick salal
And God-like huckleberries
like a song
Life is sort but by the grace of God
This night is long

Girls crowd into bathroom stalls
The boys smoke in their cars
The general, he's in
the Beach Boys gone  Wiped out by tidal waves
No more surfing on oil kissed beaches  
The earth is changing and rearranging
No one left there meditating
I really did believe in magic
Thought I had found a love
And treasured it above all else
But then I looked beyond
I saw another life was waiting
In '95 this rap style was impressive
By 2005 most rappers lost the message
2014, rappers wearing dresses
Shit is tough to look at like airplane
like you was wonder the bread
Sheek, Zeke, hell rell and I got some in the feds

I contradict what ever the government says
For them boys on my back wit
Now, I was told to never bite off more then I could chew
But then you better bite enough for if you don't, my boy, you're blue
Now I wonder, can