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to listen, read, love like you
I've got no problem with the physical, minimal real life
Living in hysterica for everybody's betterment
Isn't it a miracle,
goals for the betterment of life
Glad that you want to be my wife, but honest
I've been praying all the week through
At home at work and on the bus
Worth, Honor, Direction
Process, Lobour, Community
Mind, Appear, Ability
Edge, Failure, Understanding
Right, Sense, Betterment
Aim, Effort,
Look beyond the sullen sound
Past your boxed up hollow station
We are moving forward towards your own betterment
Fire your attention away from jaws
others like us 
Who have goals for the betterment of life 
Glad that you want to be my wife, but honest 
I've been praying all the week through
Consider betterment 
Over think the state
My nameless charm is gonna get you if I
Welcome improvements 
let me make your day
I play all tricks
And the fact that you are living is what life is all about
So live your life to the fullest
According to your happiness and the betterment of all

Damn man,
have been given
We will accept our anxiety and strive for the betterment of ourselves
Starting with mental health
We will accept ourselves as we are
the purpose of the betterment
Staying focused, tryna disappear the deficit
Way bigger than the figures though it's relevant
Rappers on some sweet shit,
For the betterment of man, understand you ain't nothing but a waste
Look into the face of a young girl
Raising up like a flag when it's unfurled
to get the tec, and go step, to the president
U.s.g., citizen, fuck american, resident!
And nnyyaaa, I gotta seek your betterment
Isaac, slayed, for all

I think I write because it is the only thing I know how to

do very, and its my way of contributing to the betterment

of the planet and to my
Set for the betterment, and now we're telling them
Here we go again
Run into me when you find out you got no friends
I'm sick of your pretense
In the betterment of my fellow being
We are brothers and sisters, each and every one
I promise to love my enemy
And never become that which is
can ya fuckin see"?
Identifying enemies to unify our populace for the betterment of you and me

Oh, and now it's too late
There's no turning back
and roaming ever since

I've got a radio heart and you're the only thing that's coming in
Static from my better sense
Stagnant on my betterment
I'm praying
'em betterment
Girl, you ain't relevant
I want the better friend
Anthony Davis in the paint, fly like a pelican
I drink my medicine
Yeah, I'm so
granted all these things
Wishing betterment for allies, with security.
Liberty of conscience is finally restored as the
Magna carta is moving forward in
Expression is by sometimes consequence
Little more than common sense again
I watch you all build up the fall
Of my betterment
With greener grass
woke to find a dream

Sang a song from sacred spaces

The best you ever seen


Seems to me in modest interest of self and betterment
Here's my open letter to the Council for the Betterment of All that is Seen and Unseen:

It's been time since I have written
For the things that

So is the message sinking in now?
Can we desist circling and skirting issues?
All stubborn pride aside, may betterment grow viable

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