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sticking to your guns 
Any fule kno that 
Any fule kno that 
Any fule kno that 

Won't it be nice 
When everything falls into place 

Salad days
That was ruled by a cricket and a king
But a pauper's son would one day come
From twenty-five Upton Green

And there everyday was a place to play
troop train lay
In a sidin' through the day
Where the heat would make you bloomin' eyebrows crawl
We shouted, "Harry By"
Till our throats were
this cash 
Will I be subject to kill, live my life by a gat 
Just when I think I made it out, the street is calling me back 

Why do people make livin so complicated?
But then I saw a girl, her name was Mary
Introduced to drugs by her boyfriend Harry
He sold crack to the kids
Dick, and Mary
Nigga, you don't scare me
I got a homie by my side
His name is Dirty Harry
I don't really want to have to blast nobody
So don't be