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Betrayed Soldier Feels Bitter Hate 
Bitter Hate To His Betrayer 
His Betrayer Disgraced His Name 
His Betrayer Will Feel The Revenge 

you used my trust to satisfy your brainless lust
your word isn't worth more than puke in the dust


misleader, you twisted
for traitors, swift and severe
Kill them all, they will die, crucify

Avenged, the crucifier has returned to kill
Vengeance, the betrayers bound
I'm the betrayer
Well, I'm the…

I'm the betrayer
I'm the second one
What have I ever done to you
What have you done to yourself?
I guess it takes
Beauty dies of beauty
Love of love

In the fever of our waiting
We were deceived, without deceivers
Betrayed, without betrayers

A mirror waits for
(Of the whore bitch goddess Babylon)

Hearts of darkness and hate
O evil, oblivion your fate
O betrayers I come a war without end
My enemy's
Men like Bag O' Wire should burn in fire 
The betrayer of Marcus Garvey 


'Til the betray, one bredren sell him for rice and peas
of laughter did pervade
Your ambivalent betrayer
Where was your diamond engaged that an instant
Could be written over like a page
In a dead book, yeah
The sweat and blood pour out
Hemorrhaging from the pores of His body

Rise up, the betrayer is at hand
Rise up, the betrayer is at hand
The betrayer is
Walls within walls won't hold my mortal eyes from you

Hecate, sacred, goddess, hell to the heavens
Betrayers, sorcerer, godless, hell to the heavens
of peace
We need you now
Give us a sign
To show us how

Locked in her room the lover mourns her betrayer
Seems even love possesses treachery too
like a swarm

Forged out of Flame
From chaos to destiny
Bringer of pain
Forever undying

Judas is Rising

Eternal betrayer
Ice cold and evil
Taking no

Rise from your knees, avenger
Live to disease, betrayer
Rise from your knees, avenger
Live to disease, betrayer

From chaos you
Liar, liar
Conceal the truth
Silver tongue
With a serpent's smile
Bigot, betrayer
Master of deceit
With your own interest at heart

When it
The beings so...
Multiple, Multiple
Revelation, of the inner transformation
Betrayer, of your self-creation
Burial of a former life
By the power of your energy
Demented by blood
Betrayer of life

Abrogations of the laws
Filled with gore

Earth shall die
On Satans altar
A fading cry
Betrayers will burn, betrayers will die
His light will never fade
Deny your origins, deny your belief
And die by the everlasting fire

His fire is
seems impossible
Different stages

Waiting seems predictable
Different ideas
It is I that will have to live with this
I, betrayer of hearts, I, servant
sodomize the dirty whores of babylon... on christian ground

On this night we torture the betrayers
Night night holy night of the triumphator
(rape the nuns,
Civilization is now laid to waste, the humanoid species must be replaced

Machine invaders, cyber betrayers
Computerized attack, mankind's
evolutionary betrayer,
Modern man, ecosystem destroyer,
Modern man, destroy yourself in shame,
Modern man, pathetic example of earth's organic heritage,
evolutionary betrayer
Modern man, ecosystem destroyer
Modern man, destroy yourself in shame
Modern man, pathetic example of earth's organic heritage
When I
And from fire is born

Pity then the cool betrayer
Waiting patiently
No precaution made will save him
From the traveling storm
the shelter
Turn back time
Wash away my crime

Betrayer, slayer
Release me

Mercy's hiding
It let me go
Hurts to know
Mercy's watching
Watching me

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