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The best things happen while you're dancing
Things that you would not do at home come nat'rally on the floor

For dancing soon becomes romancing
tears dancing down your face
And don't worry about temptation out there on that other coast
Girl, you know you're the only girl for me
The best high
it on sativa
The harder your heart keep beating
Only feel bad while you're thinkin'
Pop pop pop like Pepsi Coke, the best we smoke
Plus the tan
does her best work on her back

But if you're 'wakend
By an obscene call
I sprayed your number on the Berlin wall
I've seen the soldiers as they
hustle a bit
Help my mother make ends meet
It's hard is god watchin'?
Non stop while the cops roll by on my block
I see paper dancing in the street
to calm the longing
But there are certain things you can't deny
Pictures of before haunt you daily
What happens when the door opens

A pair of dancing
the movie, unreeling, about to begin

Oh, great by me
Yeah? Mine were alright, wasn't my best one but who cares?
That's the spirit
that I don't care to
Sacrifice a good time 'cause someone says I have to
Next thing I know, I am removing all my clothes
And you are dancing around
Hey, I was just thinking that maybe you don't need to waste
Some of the best days of your lives, trying so hard to abide
By some preset list
Is it east and west? I ask you original the best 
Well I don't know what's with all this stress 
Got up in the morning many man a contest 
And so
Yo, man
Open up, man
What do you want man?
My girl just caught me
You let her catch you?
I don't know how I let this happen
With who?
The family's behind you if you're worthy
Philosophies developed deep in the back streets of dirty Jersey
Troops with scully hats and Timberland
there is no mistaking

Just a notion
That you'll be walking up to me in a while
And you smile and say: "hello" and
We'll be dancing through the night
finger cocked the Glock, and started praying
To Muhammad and Allah, the most beneficial
Through you, all things are possible, I know you're listening
Don't erase what I did, don't erease the beginning!

You're not ready for this. 
Uh-huh. You see, my name is KRS-One G
And um, see, when I be
the page and spit itself
Yeah it’s the best thing I could do right now Doody for you is to rap
So I'mma fuck til I die, yeah I'mma do it to death
earrings, someone must be tuggin'
You were a dancer who could always be found clubbin'
Now you're world renowned with the frown you're luggin'
Come to think
I'll be the freshest of the men in the midst of ninth grade
It's crazy how we place these small things as important
While the monument's reminding us
you're facin to the wind
You better count the chips before its time to cash em in
'Cause by then you'll realize that you've lost your drive
While workin
make my rep fucked up
Cause it happens to the best of us
Fuck the rest of us
Niggas keep testin us
A man could make you want to kill him
Or late at night
to come and drop in your lap
You see,you don't want to try,just let time fly
While your life goes by before your two eyes
You got to crawl before you
the man 'til you’re not
It happens like that when you rest on your laurels
Like a shot to your back, it’ll mess with your morals
It’s a matter of fact
last son
The best of anything
Tell Joe here's a last one
If I die tonight
Would I be forgiven
By all the people
I been slackin' with
When I was livin'?
What up Kamal? (word up) Doing my thing 
What you think about the def dumb and blind in the 9 6? 
(Word brothers is blind to the fact son.) Can't
I wanna be the best who ever did it
Don't know if that goal is feasible, or it isn't
But if it is then God, if you're listenin'
Please grant me

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