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I could live without You
I know I could get by
Millions of people do
Why couldn't I

I could live without You
Through the motions once again
may be blue
I've seen the best years of life go through
A man that I love
And another I need
Both men have helped make the sad life I lead

Sorrow lives
we'll just relive our younger days and sit here by the fire
And if we both live through the night tomorrow we'll retire
Why we've seen the rainstorms
the passion and the freewill
A chance to redeem our lives
Touched by the union
I thought isn't man kind
There is sweetness in the fruit
And the fruit makes
didn't kill him, in fact it look like
They're the last to survive
Pay attention, that one decision changed both of they lives
One curse at a time,
ladies wanna swaller my hero.
They live in squaller and fear though they daughter come here though, 
She know I keep plenty Robert De Niro.
You punks
stand by you forever 
But sometimes the best-laid plans
Flare up and blow away
And fairytale logic comes
Sweeps you heart 
Your soul' your world away
On and on and on, flies eternally

(Solo: Kai/Michael/Both)

Plese, please help me see, the best way to be
Make a change and we, live
Live and die by the sword
Come playoff time
Is your lord a god
Or is your god a dog?
Comin' outta the hood
Race to the black seats
Amongst the wack seats
Be the hardcore
Alongside the deadbeats
The world lookin' on
ever go
And try to change
No matter what anybody says
If you would be my best friend,
Than I would build a home
Where the both of us
Can live
years later the other died that summer...bummer

My best friend told me, you be actin' tough, that's fine
But the weight of the world can really crush
respects and gave the whip a crack
Ooh, seemed a big bad world, we were riding into
Me and Virgil both agreed, we best head off
And don't look back
seems like paradise 
Was lost and won't be found
And both our lives are endangered 
And on the verge of breaking down.

Woe woe woe woe is we.
And I, I wouldn't trade it for the world, world, world
And I, just so fucking lucky you're my girl, girl, girl
And I, I wouldn't trade it for

Ask Beth, maybe she can tell you
Why we can never get anything right
Ask Beth if she knows why time just goes by
And we're both crying tonight
Rich by popular demand
The wait is over homie
Yes it is
A town connect
Know the city gon' feel this
Damn right
Say Toob I know you see me
Say Chris
To keep it tight and bring comfort in your lives
And I try not to bash ya dads and bring you in the drama
Though you both know I've been the daddy
crucified, justified and mortified by my behavior
Both feminine and masculine
I'm a contradiction a juxtaposition
My release is my relief and only time will
were both sung the same lullabies of hate 
Her, First Son, the first one 
Whose, womb-world was profaned 
Came of age playing street games 
[ steel ]
I live in the world world of forgotten people...

(Dallas Frazier)
« © '66 Blue Crest Music »

We both have
'cause 15 years later the other died that summer...bummer

My best friend told me, you be actin' tough, that's fine
But the weight of the world
when the trouble starts
I like it when he stay and play his part
Ain't scared to put a slug through a nigga's heart
Takes the best of both worlds
let it happen
Our saviours in our heads
It's in our hands but we burn the candle at both ends
Two fingers to the world
Fuck your life of suffering,
Look, homicide is illegal, death is a penalty
Never let go when you've got ahold of your enemy
Eagle claw cobra clutch by any means necessary

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