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Fuck Off
And Welcome To Bellingham
Fuck Off Homophobe
And Welcome To Bellingham
Fuck Off
And Welcome To Bellingham
Fuck Off Homophobe
they'll say back in Bellingham
We heard he walked off into the woods
Never to be heard from again
To be heard from again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah,
what they'll say back in Bellingham
We heard he walked off into the woods
Never to be heard from again
To be heard from again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

And standing at the station
A stranger in the rain
She was calling out a name that wasn't mine
She grabbed me by the shoulders
And I
This concert
She was already 
Pregnant with me
And the were traveling 
The country in
A '79 RV

Got married in Bellingham
And my dad gave up
Being in
When I came to Bellingham, it felt like a constant battle
To learn this city’s unfamiliar ways
My friends back home would ask me how was it in
go driving in the rain.

I saw Stereolab in Bellingham and they played one chord for fifteen minutes.  Something in me shifted.  I brought back home
There is a place where the road comes to an end
More or less two blocks from my Bellingham friends
If you are wondering, she’ll welcome you in
of Bellingham 
And we moved down by the train tracks 
Making our great plans 
Never needin' anything but each other's confidence 
And on cold kitchen floors
from Bellingham WA, live circa 2005, Dirty Frogs Don't Jump)

Well I'm looking for a jackpot 
It's not what you think it is
It's a shimmering diamond in
I'm a Bellingham legend, you can read it in my ink
You can hear it when I speak
You can see it when I walk, I put blood in these streets, uh

Yeah I
On the boulevard
And you ran
So far away
Down the boardwalk babe
I don't wanna stay
Been a few months
Since I left San Francisco
You're my Bellingham boy
I don't
goddamn content

So, so long, Bellingham
So long, Washington

'Cause conversation has never been so
Instagram dog from the Bellingham shelter 
All weather, on the way to Everett 
Moon roof back like Mt. St. Helens' is 
Stoup or Deschutes, throw 'em back,
Pretty friends from Bellingham 
Pass me that hammer 
Man is not nice like Bakka 
And his crow takes me higher 
Hon - I aint talking of Napa

It's 418 
Whatcom Bellingham
Kohm on the beat 

This is heaven
Sun shining and afterglow 
So entirely Apropos
It inspired me after so 
Gotta live
like Bellingham
Teddy sherringham bro in the trap who's belling him

Oh my Gawd
Roll it back
Hold the bruck just
Hold the Bruck just
Oh my
Chest shot specialist, send him to heaven
Burn my boogs can't leave no evidence
Controlling the field sum' like Jude Bellingham
Talking my name but
bellingham I ran into old friends
Who talked about alaska and made me smile
And when we parted ways
I parked outside the place I’d played
And walked around
back, I'm not ready yet 
You said 'take some time' but I'm still not fine

You went up to Bellingham, you 
Told me she was important to
You, but I stayed,

Before you
Before you
Before I even knew
What love is
What love is

Before I ever held your hand
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I shared a place on Bellingham
a bed in Bellingham I realized I loved her
I spilled my guts over the phone every night over a month
It took a drug I took at Wonderland before I told her
Peng-Peng-Peng-Peng ting from Bellingham (Bad)
No love, just suck this elephant (Suck it)
No wap, grip, splash, mans wettin' 'em (Wet)
Energy, got 'nuff adrenaline
In the T with B on the side not a brown one from Bellingham (no)
We know their work rate is irrelevant
Nine out of ten of their fingers celibate

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