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I wear a mask, I wear a mask
The mask is intact
You see no cracks on the outside
I'm smooth, expressionless

You can't read me 
In My Head
They're In My Head

Look behind the mask 
Try to find peace of mind 
And you'll find 
Just look behind the man 
And lead me by
Have you ever worn the mask one-two one-two
M to the A to the S to the K
Put the mask upon the face just to make the next day
Feds be hawkin me
my eyes away

Domino, domino, domino
Who's the man behind the mask I'd like to know
Who's this masquerading lover
I wish I could discover
You hide behind a mask too confused to show what's real
Plastic sense of value to go with your plastic way of life
Your self-righteousness is
Of a gone life.
The hands cannot identify the face
Behind the Iron Mask
Dim is within on the plane of the mind
A kneeled spirit under the boot of fear
by your mistakes
I'm not an expirement
Now I know just who I am

You hide behind a mask your face is not your own
Of your true side little is seen
blinded by the light of fire
Goes deaf and dumb slightly
Look out...

Hear the echoes of your past
See the mirror of your mask
Feel the hurt
Turning your heart red
A requiem to celebrate, you

Words I can not understand
Shrieks in my moment of pain
Imposter hides behind a mask
My words
moment, stand by me, and never feel alone.
I am the silence in piercing sound.
I am the night.
Wolves behind the masks provoke conflict on our soil.
I see this world so clearly behind my mask
And everyone's guilty of striving for sovereignty,
Striving for victory over the rest
I won't play
In a strange deafening silence

Fearing no more my time
That shapeless passes by
Leaving behind my mask

I can see the destiny
Of human data files
you're invited to the masquerade
I'd like to know what lies behind the mask you've made

It's such a shame, the game you play
Congratulations, you're
take away this mask of grey
And let the sun shine in
Now I find I've been blinded
By the cold and wintery wind
She disguised behind her eyes
Oh what
Congratulations you're invited to the masquerade
I'd like to know what lies behind the mask you've made
Such a shame the game you play
Congratulations you're
stations and power games - this sickness called society
I have identified the forces behind these changes that I see

I put on my mask
I walk down the path
Behind the mask of the dictator
I know there is a damaged man.
Inside the man there is a frightened little boy
With scary toys
That somebody will
calls in the mask of the night

Why should it happen a hundred times a year?
A secret behind that should rouse our fear?

Millions of people
the tears behind. 
Only waiting to die. 
Only waiting to die.

As they sit by and watch. 
Another dead existance. 
Dreams torn apart. 
As the spirit
You'll never need a reason to pretend
A simple smile is all I ask
The smile you hide behind your painted mask
Somewhere between a stranger and a friend
Thinking of the past I feel my life
Is slipping by at such a speed
Things I knew have gone and those I loved
I look for granted and deceived
grins the villain in the smartest car
The hero in the mask of bone
Everyone prompting behind the scenes
For their reasons unknown

the map of human
from the side of unknown
Leading body into temptation
False prophets message behind the mask
Breaking through the will, darker one to rule
gets you
Normalized to the mass

A gala performance
Everyone with its mask
Automata glad to ignore
There's a mind behind the glass

I am sad in
Behind the mask things aren't what they seem
Unholy soldier
Disciple of sin
What kind of mind are you living in

You're preaching revolution

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