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Deny resurrection, behead the Nazarene son
Foredoomed holy spirit, our war at last be won
Legion crush Jehovah, see through the faceless dog
the wisdom we had behead
As the furnace he killed we dread

He is dead he's really really dead
And no one can just save him cause he's lying on his bed
option but be poppin 
Get that bling bling 
Behead a couple of you lames, with a single swing
Lil nigga, already told you this is Queen Tingz 
If you don't
Behead O' that moonster;
That Gorgoroth;
That Hydra of whisping tongue;
O' behead that monster Gorgon;
Thou needest slayn indeed;
Wretched are
in store

Bed them, Behead them
Bed them, Behead them
Bed 'em, Behead 'em
Bed 'em, Behead 'em

Watching the blood flow
From the headless stump
The Horns
Yeah they signal the war
Behead me at the shores
Oh captain but of course give me your rank for we absorb
Your essence and explore
to your bullshit
Deep in the mind, soon to be dead
Dark silhouettes carry you to behead
Cherish your purity for what is to come
Shall chastise your insides
I'll ask for a recess
Then come back and behead
Leave everybody dead
I move with the movements
Archeologists telling me I'm moving the ruins
Cuz I'm
choices drew a wedge

Countin' millies in my bed
Pack a tool like in a shed
Lose my mind like a behead, uh
Hate when a bitch leave me on read
She so

Huh, yeah
My granny Gucci knittin' sweaters
She cozy no matter the weather
I'm swingin' the axe I'll behead ya
I'm spinnin' the duely berettas
burning - Cold flames will purify my soul
Our hearts are rotten to the core
Behead the prophets - Their skulls - Trophies in the final war
The plague of man
Loyal to their lord

Burn, now it's time to burn
The destruction will return
Rising again in steel and fire
Hate, in fury dominate
infiltrate the laws
To rage a war of control

It's your time to die
In your empire of dirt 
Behead the king of nothing

Crawl through
""Patience is a virtue When you live for revenge Hide your weapons veil your hate Seek your foes unguarded and  Slay them! Behead them! Oh sweet
I'm an empty, vain shell
Deteched and stricken
Breft of richness from your faith

Restrain this runt
Neutralise this runt
Behead this runt amid
I behead
With this knowledge I've obtained of the human race
I leave you dead

I've stared in the eyes of my helpless casualties
I've yet
Unhallowed usurpers of the throne
Enraptured by miasma of death
Lascivious for the godheads ichor


Pestilence coded and imbued
is where I send them
Behead them with venom
i just know I gotta end them
As god tested Job the devil also tests us
Life is short so we should fill it
Living in pure dread
Death I can't bear
Something I won't repair
Not being behead
Avoiding despair
Who cares what's fair?
It's War, a mind a weapon
Behead that nigga behead
Deadass deadass
Runnin right to the pay
So it's deadass deadass
See I'm tryna get my kicks so deadass
Pull up on that boy
do em' like jerky
Poppin' the x and the o's and a perky
Nigga want beef we gon' do em' like jerky
If she don't give brain then I'ma behead her
watched you fall
Down with Leviathan 

Down with Leviathan 
This is our righteous calling
Behead Leviathan 
The end reveals itself to me

Down with
and his seed
"I am haunted by the dreams, nightmares I cant escape"
"Endless searching, I am beset by this wretch whom I must behead" 
Into the woods they
more minute
until the executions over?
just one more minute
Won't you behead another
c'mon we're waiting
won't you shock and entertain us?

The hangman

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