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Music, music for a while
Shall all your cares beguile
Shall all, all...
Shall all your cares beguile
Wond'ring, wond'ring
How your pains were eased,
a while
Shall all your cares beguile
Shall all
All, all
Shall all
All, all
Shall all your cares beguile

Wondering how your pains were eased
high, I'm so
Are you ready to see?
Please, please
Don't take it from me

Exotic apparel
A so fucking style
I wanna go to your home
And I wanna beguile
cold today (yah)
And I can't forget to beguile
Please be good, so nice
When I was really really really really really ready to cry (yah)

Now I'm
The ending was bad

Delilah Jones, Delilah Jones
She let a no-good guy beguile her
Delilah, weep for Delilah
The devil got a lease on her bones

And you laugh, and you laugh
And you smile, you beguile
And you laugh, and you laugh
While you're breaking my heart
And you laugh, and you laugh
my fingers through the golden sand

The waves rise up as if in greeting
They beguile me with their grace
With the moon's reflected power
So intense,

What did he say where did he go
There's more to him than what you know
He's still spending all his time far too far gone
He's throwing up the v's
and anger and hate beguile
but look into your heart tonight.

We disregard the cold pedestrian grey
where level playing fields weren't meant for us
abysmal nightmares Will you ever understand
My fundamental instincts
I beguile your scent of death
I beguile your chilling membrane I beguile your ice-cold
with exotic perfume
As you breathe in the breeze off the sea
It's Eden to William and me

It delights, it invites, it inspires
It defies, it beguiles, it

Someone must have taught you well 
To beguile and to entrance 
For that night you cast your spell 
And you taught me how to dance 

She comes and goes
With a wolf in pursuit

The unknown lady of the Seine
Her beauty still beguiles
You gaze at her again and again
Try to reconcile her
Equipped to beguile
In the source of the energy
New Orleans, San Francisco, and Chicago
Could not keep her down
Hollywood Hills were just a passing phase
Our fate's no more than simple math

Let no one beguile you
Or blur the edge of false and true
And never let them feed your fears
Then twist
Beguile me
And when you look at me, can you see you cannot
Set me free?
And now I look ahead I know just where
I wanna be

You know something?
You know
stop kneeling to them
But those who besiege him, with his empty words beguile
Underdeveloped and juvenile

Keep your eyes down
Keep your head
your soul
And speak to me I am not a child, who will beguile, I will be kind
And I'l fight till you know
And as the bullet fires...

My mindless love
of heaven They flee the adversary
They flee the nights and they flee the days At unperturbed speed
Lo and behold, their cunning beguile And all that's born
Star lights beguile
Hoo hey
Don't delay
Don't stay away

Stop the world around
So get your e-c-s-t-a-s-y divine
You hear
night beguiles 

Sweet moans, dovelike sighs, Chase not slumber from thy eyes 
Sweet moans, sweeter smiles, the dovelike moans beguiles 
Sleep sleep happy
now show your face, destiny is calling
Break uneasy silence, beguile the captors
Watch the walls come tumbling down, precious don your armor
The signs
reach right out to touch her, or is it all a dream?

With her goddess style, she can beguile
And take your breath away
A Bohemian Fatale
A Bohemian Fatale
the soil with flesh

  Drinking the marrow of titans in mass
A blight,blight, blight to our world
The serpent beguiles and manifest -  

The blood tides rise

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