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I wondered how this would feel
Turns out it ain't no big deal
It's just the end of the world

Right now
He's already stolen a kiss
By now
Words and music by Ed McCurdy

Last night I had the strangest dream
I'd ever dreamed before
I dreamed the world had all agreed
To put an end to war
of an era?
Is it the end of America?

No, oh
It's only the beginning
If we hold on to hope
We'll have a happy ending
When the world was at war before
tomorrow is the end of the world
Party freakin' hardy
Like tomorrow is the end of the world

Make love (yeah!)
With a sheep, or cow or a goose
I know
was before I saw your smile

I want to be loved by you bayou baby
Nobody else but you bayou baby
I searched this world from end to end
I finally
And write about each other

The world in which we live is peopled by people who
Can't afford to eat, can't make ends meet
Got nowhere to sleep,
When my mind is not live I see you there before me
Every night in my mind your face flies by me
Then the morning light comes to bring reality
to good old days.
The more I think about it, all I'd really wanna do
Is watch the world end with you.

I'd lay down in a field by your side
And watch every
When my mind is not live I see you there before me
Every night in my mind your face flies by me
Then the morning light comes to bring reality
To shake my world of grievin'
I guess, I'll go until it's gone

And many a long and lonesome highway
Lies before us as we go
And in the end
I' ll go my way by myself
This is the end of Romance
I' ll go my way by myself
Love is only a dance
I' ll face the unknown
I' ll build a world
darkest before dawn?
Will I see whiskey as a Mother in the end?

In the end will I smash my brains with drinking?
Till I fall down on the floor
Will I
If tomorrow the world ends 
And in the morning the sun don't seem to shine 
I will stay here forever 
Standing right by your side 
You know they
A world gone blind
Delusions never end
A world gone wild
Where hate is all untamed

Flesh will shatter
As evil debarks
The shades of hope
you get the sense tonight
That for now the world is right
And as another Christmas ends
My mind drifts and once again
I'm thinking like a six year
Oh oh and I
I put a wish in
Made it my mission
To end the conflict
But oh
I put a wish in
Hoping you'd listen
By my accomplice
But ohhh
Before you know it's gone
And live like tomorrow never comes

I've been trying to open my eyes
Take it all in as the world passes by
Getting lost in
You've never seen my face before
You will not recognize my voice
I am the perfect law to end these wicked crimes
I am a man without a past

I face
Turning and turning
The world goes on.
We can't change it, my friend.
Let us go riding all through the days,
Together to the end, to the end
To see the good in the world
Before the pain and the scourge
The first person on earth

In the quiet in the calm
Before the storm
You heard
After all wars
We lie, as shelter falls
The world is but hell
A place darkened out by time
Submit to the fall

Live in peace for years
fixes, yeah

It's the be all end all and right before we fade away
Call a spade a spade and you should know
You can tell it's a

Bittersweet world
by my side
It's no good without you
I just can't live without you

And I will never let you go again
I lost you once, my world came to an end
a place to stay
But darkness never ends for us

Living in a strange world crying
Living in a strange world dying
Trying to protect ourselves from harm
Concealed in the deep of the night
Moved when the horror awakes
Frightened by the howl of the world
Saved by the powers that be
Hounded by dark