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I will comb myself into chains
In between the tap dance clan
And your ballerina gang
I have come for the beekeeper
I know you want my
You want my
That girl sitting over there is defined as the world's finest Paramount Pyramid.

I met this 
Beekeeper seeks Ruth 
That kind of timing just
In the middle of everything I started to see
You said you were a beekeeper, but I heard no bees
I asked you where do you get your honey
You said
Who do you think you are?

No good deed will go unpunished, oh oh oh
And no beekeeper goes unstung
And these boots are made for walkin'
I might be a doctor
I might be a leader
Pilot a helicopter
Or be a beekeeper
All I wanna do
Is make it come true
All I'm trying to do
Is make
Beekeeper sing of your frustration
In this litigious breeze
Of accidental pollination
In this era without bees

We keep breeding desperation
without an end
we ascend
we descend

Odes to beekeepers and dead
Consequences of morning
diamonds and lions

Paradise is always somewhere
Natural born spitting
Alongside the beekeepers
Feel the whole place buzzing

Some say it's a love hate relationship but
I'd say she just aims to take
Work hard, play nice, then send your souls to paradise
That's your choice, one beekeeper, several billion bees
My honey quota will land me a spot
Here comes the beekeeper
With her pitcher full of smoke
She'll put us all to sleep
I hope it's dreamless and it's deep
Sweet Prometheus, come

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