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that was held by these two hands
He must be leaving hell to live with a ghost of another man.
My name is in the side wall outside our bedroom door
to the kitchen

Fuck the bedroom, point me to the kitchen
So many chickens in my kitchen got my palms itching
You sucking a rich nigga dick, you in a good
looking over me from my bedroom wall.

Two three four

When the world's got you by the fucking throat 
Who'd you want in your corner? Axl
(Jimmy Alan Stewart/Chuck Cannon)

He's in a bar, and she's in the bedroom crying
He thinks he'll drown all the hurt that he's feeling inside
There's three in the wall from those pictures in the closet
Two in the bedroom from that night I lost it
One deep inside me determined to stay
Winter did come
Washed down with blood
Gulped down your sun
And ogre brood souls
Gnaw cheese from the moon
Dream of wells by the road
In darkened bedrooms
gettin her cherry popped.

[Chorus 3]
Bedroom boom, (This is serious business, Baby)
Bedroom boom, (What goes on in this room, So what baby..)
There's a picture by his first wife on the wall
Stripped floor-boards in the kitchen and the hall
A stain from last week's party on the stairs
Back three times

I am possessed
Devil at his best
See you in hell
When you die

By the power of 3x3 
You will burn when you're done with me
The young face of someone who brought her
Silver medals and sweet memories.

In Mama's bedroom closet, to this day on her top shelf
Champagne all the way and we'd get married by Elvis

What the hell did I say when I called last night
Dripping loads of whiskey honey in that message that
tears in their eyes
Neither one could speak
Hand in hand, room by room, oh it was everything

Three bedrooms, two baths, one car garage
Front porch
right up to the end
That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

A two legged hombre is worthless as sand
He'll smile like a saint with a gun in
Ahhahh Ahhahh
Turn off the lights and turn on the stereo x3
Turn off the lights and turn on the-

I know we fall
I know we burn
She died in
right up to the end
That wonderful one-two-three-four legged friend

A two legged hombre is worthless as sand
He'll smile like a saint with a gun in
Hiding in the dark and
Pouring whiskey on the wound

By tomorrow he'll be gone
And they'll say he left alone
But that old bar stool won't be
Her daddy's knockin at the bedroom door 
Cocked and loaded with a .44 
I got one in the hand and two in the bush 
I'm in no mans land and it's
She's getting' hammered
On Alabama slammers
Three drinks ago, no
He wouldn't stand a chance
He's sipping' whiskey
Feelin' confident and frisky
All my exes live in Texas like I'm George Strait
Or they go to Georgia State where
Tuition is handled by some random nigga that live in Atlanta
forget to put anything in
The longer you dwell
The more it's like hell
You sit by the well
Just making a wish
It would be a shame
To take too much
Burning right behind your eyes
You must of swallowed a candle
Or some other kind of surprise

I'm going down to Memphis
I got three hundred dollars in
and happiness
You know that's just not, the kind of man I am
I'm the kind that shows up at your house at 3 AM

I'm gonna aim my headlights into your bedroom
Go 'head 'till ya tired than I'll take ya home
(We both think alike, hell yeah)

If you invite me in I'll come take it off
(We both think alike, uh
I thought you were the one when I heard Holidays in the sun come
From your bedroom but my mind started to stray when I saw Youth of Today
Got a Glock in the bedside table 
Machine gun leaning by the bedroom door 
Kevlar vest in the closet
Well, I wear it when I go to the store

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