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have a certain right to gloat over the other states because Massachusetts is after all the only state with three senators. Anyway, here's a salute
more laws
Some people wonder is it just because he live in the inner city
He want to be a hood like Frank Nitti
Cause when he's rolling the streets he
them motherfuckers want to Rodney King, us
Sippin on some brass monkey
Just because he got a back street gon' punk me
Where's your spear, you betta betta
been lost
By the time you hear this song
There'll be plenty niggas gone
Talkin' 'bout six feet under grass
While the killers be at home
Now my
to get wit dis
It's goin down tonight, up in the town tonight
Rollin vegas on omega wit tha chronic sin
Rolex on my wrist because I produce hits
Got them
Turbulence located the matrix then impedes(ooh)
Whistle be in dirge bout the boogie burst classic
Helen fell in haunted machines screened by similars
the sack, I got you in the sack 
And like Helen tellin Jack, there's no turnin back 
She's the queen of the ghetto, ask my buddy Tom 
Mary Jane is
with the holy cross
Exotic niggaz blastin off to the Land of the Lost
If you can't see this
I recommend some school for the blind by Helen Keller
Big ups

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