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Can't even get a trade-in on your smile

Beauty school drop-out, no graduation-day for you
Beauty school drop-out, missed your midterms and flunked
career now 

Can't even get a trade-in on your smile 
Beauty school drop-out, no graduation day for you 
Beauty school drop-out, missed your midterms
yourself to prison

Our cause of wasted time and hazy states a darker night
Go to school and wait for that
Changes to a broken kid
Gone by
wins the mariner and he belongs to her now.
Then, crew one by one
they drop down dead, two hundred men
She, she, Life in Death.
She lets him live, her
of skeleton to bling
Caffeine to the nerve
Wait, I verb it out
Got to sing it to the words, off key
Peace, beauty and the beef
Beats at your piece
beauty Dolly Parton gluteus maximus 

Ass big enough to fit a cup on her booty (booty), 
Straight Centerfold Suzette
I`m in the mix (I`m in the mix)
[Killah Priest]
The prophecies of a poor man end on a train
Take his last breath
Slumps over drops his last bit of change
A mother pacing by her
of a Tylenol pill
You wanna laugh now
And cast your belligerent doubt
Show you what poetry is really about
The side affects will make you pass out
Followed by
give me the angle
Who in the dango, pop on one of my partners, c'mon my mama armor
Flip out with the wicked dip out, I'm doin the damn thang
School by
Hold it down with a towel
Cause by the time the verse hatch your stomach's hangin' out
We got a verse on the loose, let's get these mouth zippers
Buy six
to your prom in a brand new 6,

I'm old school, I use the charm to seduce the chicks,
You'll introduce me to ya moms as your future pick,
Your like
Buck 65-Square 3

Music to be murdered by
It is mood music in a juggular vein and I hope you like it
Our record requires only the simplist
Another frozen future has passed. 
Another breed, another cast. 
The rivers will run, brought to life by the sun, the circle is 
and beaten into submission
By family, church, school and state.
From then on we're easy game for the powermongers.
Like pathetic circus dogs we hunt out

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