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watching vet po posing wit the most fly
livest gortex made in Mexico, Brancs fifteen five
Celine Dion ties two thousand nine bubble eye shit
*talking by
Still Lex knows
Gasoline jumper on with the most fly livest Gortex made in Mexico 
Bricks Fifteen Five
Celine Dion ties
Two Thousand dollar bubble
I remember my true religion
I adjourn to your peace in the mist
I see, the beauty and beast
I feel, your power and beat
I know there
goes on
A beauty out to catch the beast

The cyclops seeking to destroy
Each village and land on his way
With her weaponry and skill full mode
of time
>From a wave of the mightiest hand from the giver of life and beauty sublime

When the tufted footfalls of a jungle beast silently slip past your
Leopards prowl the studios of the Duc de Berry's great chateau
Where Cocteau's beast rehearses Beauty's rape
Lewis Carroll marks his diary with

Far away in another place
A fading beauty named Milly Grace
And a bamboo cane to help her keep the pace

Fee was a Buddhist prodigy
the depraved
I will be your deepest fear
That lights the dark that you so crave

Created in honor, in honor to live
Invisible, terror descends
The deepest
dancers of the night
Advance against the darkness. How implacable their might!
Eyes un-dulled by moon, their arms and legs akimbo,
They walk and live
dancers of the night
Advance against the darkness - how implacable their might!
Eyes undulled by moon, their arms and legs akimbo,
They walk and live
the best thing that there's ever been
You're both the beauty and the beast 
That's how it is and that's how it end
Into another city where you live far
If you see my ears bleed
Been worked by disease
Once pristine clean now dirty
That pristine dream is now burning
It's all the same now that
(repeat 2X)

Sample (scratched by chief Xcel):
I'm only saying this to show how all around 
man or beast sleep away there gift of time 
and never know

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