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and heat
The Beatles and the Stones
Sucked the marrow out of bone
Put the V in Vietnam
The Beatles and the Stones
Made it good to be alone
To be alone
You be my Charlie
And I can be your George
Let's bury the hatchet like the Beatles and the Stones
They'll play our songs forever on the radio
Our lives were like lines on a map
You could measure us by comparison

She found out if she took off her clothes
She could score men by embarrassment
the Beatle (x4)

It's funny, 'cause when I was five,
I waited for you to go by our drive.
And I know that guys like me are a drag--
You must have had it up
tomorrow brings,
Who knows,
I'm getting out of love.

My Shangri-la has gone away,
Faded like the Beatles on Hey Jude
She seemed to drift out
No bed for Beatle John!
Beatle John Lennon lost his hospital bed yesterday to a patient
It happened at Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London
Beatles, or the Rolling Stones
In 1977

In 1977
Knives in West Eleven
Lent so lucky to be rich
Sten guns in Knightsbridge

Danger stranger
I'm not talking about a Beatle's song
Written 100 years before I was born
100 flowers bloom, 100 schools of thought contend
c'mon, baby, let's
by him she stops and stares

The got love bigger than the Beatles
Wild and free like a Rolling Stone
They gotta love takes 'em higher than the Eagles
small, so you listen to the Beatles and relax and close your eyes
And you feel it running through you
Feel the hate well up inside

Hey, what's that
he only got an eight now, now
I feel that I'm paused by all the pills
I see no wrong, yeah

On a foggy day
Revolving doors in London to a foggy
(I'd like to do a song now that was recoded by a pretty pearly country group known as The Beatles I know you heard them many times from the Grand Ole
stayed up all night wondering if the
Eagles or the Beatles were the world's best band
Since you've been gone I sit by the phone
Feeling like
(I'd like to do a song now that was recoded by a pretty pearly country group known as The Beatles I know you heard them many times from the Grand Ole
Let your mind move on
It sells for a penny

Like a record groove
Gets scratched by a needle
Telling kids the truth
About The Byrds
back rockin' some more

Bobby soxer dancin'
But she keeps peepin' on the stand
Bobby soxer's got a crush
On a beatle in the bobby band
Love bug sure
were so


Now I can't help wondering
‘bout how things turned out
for the demo I
sing about

Was it scrutinized by someone
They say The Beatles were 
Just the beginning of 
Everything music could be
Just like The Stones 

I was rolling along 
Like a ship lost 
Carried by the voice
Inside the jukebox
On my grave

You can hear hank williams
Some george jones
Some beatles songs
Some dylan
Some rolling stones
times, she'll place another order,
And, Lordy, have mercy on that little bitty chair.
She's got a butt bigger than the Beatles,
Eatin' me out of house
a good one"
She says it follows her around
No shit, it's by the Beatles

I'm so lost
And I live just around the corner
Well here's a thought
to the runway
Journal in the Square fingers in the hairdo
England in the air Beatle in the bathroom
Highway going one way or another

Let's get in the car
the Pool" and starts,
"Dear Wack!" So, John, you take it from there.
John: "Dear Wack! Please, ask thos gorgeous lads," ha, ha," called the Beatles
to sing
God is a concept
By which we measure
Our pain
I'll say it again
God is a concept
By which we measure
Our pain

I don't believe in magic
heavy heart oh
She crazy self and I yeah
She's making me a dog it's alright
Black beatle

I'm sulking this and feet
Black Patti's rich and sweet

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