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(Skrrt, skrrt)
This is the, this is the 9 side (Beatfreakz)

Motorola, bros on the road now
The paigons running
Better go down, making us slow
This is the
This is the 9 side

Don't let me run tru' with a bally (bally)
You won't know it's me
Why you dey run with my money?

You've got something different
Know you share my vision
Got me in my feelings
You know I'll go

Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere,

Everywhere I go, I'm hearing my name
Now she might fuck 'cause I'm wearing my chain
How many times did we do it in the sun (how

Eighth in the palm, self-obsessed
Now she wants some more, legs open
Took her to Dior
Treat her well, eight jewelers, get your
She's so freaky when I'm
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

She's so freaky when I'm live (Beatfreakz)
She never late, she's on time (mm mm)
She's so

Don't make me grab the pumpy
Make you jumpy
Take it easy, gyal around me
Dem know ya
Dem know ya

Don't make me grab the pumpy
(That's JJ)

Still ain't made it out the hood 'cause my soul's there (soul's there)
I drip down in a Moncler
A lotta time goes by
your bitch (Beatfreakz)
James, Jamal and John
All of my exes singing my songs
Write my songs and I write her songs
Life is sweet and the money don't
That gyal unruly, so bad and boujee (Beatfreakz)

That gyal unruly, I can't lie she a cutie
And all the mandem wanna chase her
'Cause that gyal
Yeah, ahh

Bunning my ganja
And I've got something shiny under my jumper
Man just woke up that lion out of my slumber
This is the nine side

I got the Rollie on my wrist and it's glistenin' (oh-oh-oh)
I don't think that they listenin'
I could hear

Star in the hood got a star in my waist got stars in the Wraith
Blend that cocaine straight down to the fucking cocaine base
Made that

What's up, guys? You're here with Litty Britty
I got Chip, Skepta and Young Adz in the studio today
Their mixtape is out now
Tryna fight these demons

Star in the hood, got a star in my waist, got stars in the Wraith
Blend that cocaine straight down
This is the
This is the 9 side

Don't let me run tru' with a bally (Bally)
You won't know it's me
Why you dey run with my money?
the bando, cookin' up grub
Had to send my young boy, go out in the streets (Beatfreakz)
Said I just gave Shirley a Turner's
Job for me on my burners

Man just do what I like
Do it Off-White, do it like Virgil
Broski went on the bike
Went on the strip, he doin' up circles
Pretty senorita
Hello hello helo
They call me ice
Ladies and gentlemen ice
It’s dj kaywise

The way you burn my body i dey feel alright
Yo Deno, let me talk my shit to 'em real quick
All the way from New York, you feel me?

Now you're talkin' my lingo, big stacks

Runnin' to the money everyday see
You see all the jobs I'm replacin'
If you really want it, we can take it there
(This is so fun)

Hello, yo
Yeah, that's it, that's it
Yeah, yeah

'Bout to take my lady Selfridges
New drip on the way,
Mm, mm, mm, mm
This ain't no love song

I said "Tell me can a thug show his feelings?" (mm, mm)
Knew that it was love from

Yeah, heroin
Crack cocaine, she want some more (ski, ski, ski)
Green light, see how the blood just pour (Skir,

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