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the mask of satan

Ride the beast through paradise
Still vipers these mortal burdens
We arise as the portals take form
I leave my feathers again
Just ruthless

More green than I've ever seen
Mama that beast got a hold of me
Now I’m colder than I’ve ever known
Surrounded by people yet I
sickened by thee arise
Under an aureate alluring star
Wrath lingering love entwines us
Baptized in black magic, their master plan
Born of the Watch, his prophecy, by their command

So, behold the birth, the wicked child
Born of the Beast
The world burns
Brought to it's knees
By the beast of war
Cities are laid to waste
Nations collapse
Under the reign of terror
Fire storms raging
-with butchery

Come forth 'O demons killer of man Go forward beasts of blood lust Take these offerings blessed to you Prey upon the weakened one
Servants of filth, serve me now, arise
Blessed by the beast, reborn in the feces
Through my eyes he will see
Blessed by the beast, the death
and advance
Silence the foe
Fire and smoke
From the slumber arise
Triumphant Beast of forgotten times

The Pentagram Burns
and the clock strikes the hour
These fighting words deserve exile, banished
Unbelievable, unbelievable, invincible, right

Fucking feast for the eyes
Believe now, beast killer arise
of tides
Killer instinct in his eyes

Feel the urge for the blood feast
Murderous nature - nature of the beast
Feel the wrath of seven seas
Catclysmic - Fate
Licking her Fluids
Abhorrence arise

The Unsightly Prophets
Are slaughtered one by one
And their Powers of light used against you
Mourning Angels Falling
You gotta love with a killer instinct
You gotta hurt a little to get by

There's no saints in the wild kingdom
You gotta prowl like a beast of prey
When embraced by the angels of death

Serpents crawl through our veins
We disgust the words of Christ
We deny the holy sign
Let the beast arise
The raging worlds collide
By tyrants doomed to die
Break down and slay the beast
Sheer terror from evil deeds
Regain control - before you go insane
of war
A victor is crowned
A beast of gigantic size

Summoned by words never spoken before
Called upon for this war

Realms of desolation where phantoms frighten beasts
Through fiery rain, the screams of pain, eternal, never cease

Hell's abomination boundless
led to slaughters by placid admirals and fats slow generals are
Getting obscene on young blood?

Do you know we are ruled by T.V.?
The moon is dry
When life begins, young and free from sins
Under the skies of love, we're thriving on and on
As the years go by, on the stage of life
With blinded
Through waves 
they shift 
Below they hide 
Corporate killers 

Side by side 
Process this signal 
Final post 
Global defiance 

No hope
Fucked by Hecate
Yet I shall not be yours
No fantasies nor the promised grace
I will chase you down
Rid me of slavery
Strengthen up my mind
Hate is a killer in breeding frenzy 
Growing faster becoming deadly. 
Wake up, together. see'mon fight the beast: 
Tyrant control in the Middle
Bloated with disease
A psychophantic grease that clings
Like a shroud thrown over me
A coat of golden fleas
And by their gleam
The shadows grow
the killers of men

Avenged, the crucifier has returned to kill
Vengeance, the betrayers bound and hung by nails
Avenged, the crucifier has returned to kill
Ten horns arise, the seven heads
Upon its crowns and diadems...
Its tail swept down unto the earth

The stars of heaven; a third has turned...
Such A Bautiful Swansong
A Frantic Grand Pursuit
Care FreeLovers' Trip
Natural Overdrive

Prime Time Serial Killers
In Hit And Run Joyride
A SAhotgun

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