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molding marching boots
Now rain is beating beats and beading down the view
That foggy hazy drumming of that rain

Hear that outside? They're coming in
In the still water she lies down
Shaking through the press of sunlight
We rolled into Lexington
She shakes off the drop of daylight
Water beading
It was you and me and one hot summer
Beading up with sweat all over each other
Soaking wet
We didn't have a lot of time
So we didn't waste much
and wood-chip
Topped bus stop grounds

The planted lady's leg looking clean shaven and hot
Sweat beading up about its calf in the black
Avenue amplified sun
to pray
I ask that you would let me in

Beading on the window
The weather underneath my eyes
Is it rain or am I crying
TV in the distance
Am I awake
Sweat beading on his skin, his clothes and hair a mess

As the light turned green and I pulled away
He slowly disappeared
Just a memory of another
I've been waiting for this moment so long
I can't believe that it's on
The sweat is beading up on my palm
As the choir sing a song
I see the crowd
the sails"
Water beading on the lines"
Reaching .. For what was never had"
Just a victim of it all

What did you expect to find"
Now that you've lost it
feel your sweat beading porcelin?
Your skeleton outgrowing it's skin?
It's the pinball masquerade....
Oh Oh Oh I saw the curtains of hair,
Oh Oh Oh I
Serve my destiny / prophecy / future
Beading the twinkle of an eye to shine on only one truth.

Casting a lock of hair meant to strangle the last bit
Lips curl into smiles the hand reaches around no feeling of time it's beading up on the window pushing out room for pain allowance to feel that tear
The lights go down 
And the bottles hit the ground 
A slight sweat beading down your forehead 
My ear fills with sound 

My knuckles are beaten up
go down
The sweat is beading
Muscles tense, your heart is speeding
It's so loud it feels like heaven
Crank these amps up to eleven

All our lives
vulture skulls
Of target markets, red targets and carbon multiples
Of headings beading sevens, sixes and small print
I'll be Tyreseus to lead these lemmings
rain tenderly, gently

as though it were crying

the dew drops are beading, glisten, gleaming

the clouds are waving good-bye

the moon once hiding is

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